Tips For Studying Music At College


If you have a real passion for guitar and/or music and you would like to pursue any kind of career in this industry, then it is a fantastic idea to study at college. In addition to allowing you to pursue your passion, this can teach you important skills and knowledge that you cannot get from anywhere else. This information could help you to find all kinds of different jobs in the music industry whether playing guitar, producing, teaching music, or composing – there are many career options. Here are a few tips for studying music at college which will help you to get the most out of this unique experience:

Choose Your College Carefully

As with any subject, it is important that you choose your college carefully and fully research your different options. It should be somewhere that offers a respected course, but it should also be somewhere that you want to attend and can see yourself being happy at whether this means being close to your home or in a major city.

Work On Your Application

The entry requirements will vary depending on the course and the school, but it is important that you work hard on your application to demonstrate your skill set and what you could bring to the course. In addition to your guitar playing ability, this may also require music theory and other knowledge.

Student Loan

Studying can be a huge expense, but it will hopefully prove to be a smart financial move in the long run. You can get financial aid in the form of a federal loan or a grant, but if you still need financial support, then one excellent option is to take out a private student loan – this may help to alleviate financial concerns so that you can live comfortably and avoid stressing about money. You can find out here about private student loans and how you can qualify for one.

Listen To Music

It may seem obvious, but it is amazing how many music students do not listen to much music. Listen to as much music as possible and expand your horizons by listening to different genres and musical concepts.

Learn New Technologies

Technology and music have always been closely intertwined and never more so than right now. Every music student needs to familiarize themselves with the latest software and technology which is likely to be used when studying at college. If you already know how to use it, this will give you an edge and allow you to create the best possible work.

Study Theory Early

It is important to have at least a grasp on music theory before attending college. You could be a fantastic guitarist, but if you do not understand music theory then you will struggle mightily when it comes to studying so make sure that you have some knowledge before starting.

Play With Other People

When you first start college, one of the best ways to make new friends, build confidence, and improve as a musician is to start playing with other people. Studying music will involve a lot of collaboration so it is important that you know how to work and play with other people (this will also be key in the future if you find work in the industry). Not only this, but music can be much more fun and enjoyable when you play with other people and you are more likely to step out your comfort zone and learn new ways of playing with this approach.

Piano & Singing

Singing and being able to play basic piano will be key even if you are studying guitar. These are the most basic forms of musical expression and will be helpful for writing music. If you do not know how to sing or play piano, or you simply want to brush up on your skills, then it might be worth taking a few lessons before attending college.

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Enjoy Yourself But Be Disciplined

If you go to college to study music or guitar, then it can be tempting to lead a rock and roll lifestyle. While you should certainly enjoy yourself, socialize and play and watch/listen to music as much as possible. It is also vital that you are disciplined and use your time sensibly. In addition to studying, this will involve eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and regular exercise.

Studying music at college is a fantastic idea for anyone with a real passion and interest for music looking to further their knowledge and abilities. If you are considering entering the industry, the above information should help you to succeed during your studies.



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