Tiff’s Tips: 4 Tips to Start You on the Right Path

Photo by Roy Cox

As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 20 – Summer 2022

  • Invest in quality equipment   

It’s important to have good quality electronics and parts inside and out of your bass or guitar, along with good quality amplifiers and other accessories. Your sound is everything, and having quality parts can even make or break you being selected for certain types of work, such as studio recordings. 

  • Learn how to do basic maintenance on your bass or guitar  

We all may have our favorite tech; however, sometimes things happen on the fly while your techs are not accessible. So make sure you can properly change your own strings if need be, adjust your intonation, and do other small things like that. 

  • Record yourself rehearsing a complicated song, and study the recorded copy  

Sometimes you have to learn songs with many different arrangements within them, i.e., live arrangements of a song may have lots of special lines and shots. Take a rough recording of yourself playing along to the song once you have it flawlessly, and continue to rehearse to that copy. This will help your part stand out in your memory. 

  • Transcribe saxophone solos on bass guitar 

One of the best workouts on bass guitar is to learn saxophone solos. Even slowly transcribing one measure of a fast sax solo is awesome ear training and practice of playing in and out of chord progressions. Learn them and then step back to study and understand how and where the melody fits into the foundation of the song. 

As one of the industry’s top bass performers, Tiffany Lloyd is known across the globe for her instrumental mastery. Having founded TiffsBass in 2011, the artist, entrepreneur, creator, director, performer, and songwriter has pivoted her passions into a profitable and purposeful business. Tiffany’s fans experience the promotion of love and positivity through her performances, developing a heightened sense of awareness for the messages her music communicates. Today, the bass-playing boss has grown her business from a passion project to a successful entertainment business. ~By Kerryn Amyes