Jamie O’Neal makes triumphant return to the studio with new album ‘Sometimes’

jamie oneal

Sometimes, is Jamie O’Neal’s country-rock explosive album with impressive tunes reminiscent of her earlier work, plus iconic guest vocals for new and returning fans alike. The classic O’Neal song “There Is No Arizona” gets a revamped version as a duet with fellow musician Lauren Alaina on this record, as well as other famous remade tracks and new singles.

Duets with classic country musicians such as Martina McBride and Jamie O’Neal’s own daughter, Aliyah Good, make Sometimes a diverse and emotional record for all listeners. Standout tracks include the single “Someone’s Sometimes” with fellow artist John Paul White with a beautiful and emotive collaboration that features charming harmonies and melodies.

The twang of earlier O’Neal still rings true with a classic Southern appeal and a modern take on pop-country music.

Sometimes is the Nashville musician’s triumphant return to the recording studio since 2014. The seasoned singer and songwriter has amassed her own following, and many fans are excited to hear her new debut. The twang of earlier O’Neal still rings true with a classic Southern appeal and a modern take on pop-country music.

From start to finish, Sometimes tells the story of love, heartbreak, and triumph to breathe a familiar voice into the world of country-rock while also staying contemporary and classic. Jamie O’Neal is one artist that stands the test of time and improves on her signature sound with this new album that casual listeners and country legends can enjoy playing over again.

If you’re a fan of artists such as Reba Mcentire, Dolly Parton, and Carrie Underwood, you’ll love the soulful and timeless sounds of Jamie O’Neal. Check out Sometimes on all streaming platforms today to feel the mood of the music and the essence of Nashville country-rock through your speakers or your own headphones wherever you go.

– Evangeline W., Freelance Music Reviewer

Sometimes Tracklist
(Produced by Jamie O’Neal and Rodney Good)

  1.  Wreck Me: Jamie O’Neal/Hannah Bethel/Rachele Lynae
    2. There Is No Arizona 2.0 with Lauren Alaina: Jamie O’Neal/Shaye Smith/Lisa Drew
    3. Closer To Closure:  Jamie O’Neal/Erik Halbig/Bailey Hefley
    4. Someone’s Sometimes with John Paul White:  Jamie O’Neal/Ava Suppelsa/Bailey Hefley
    5. Somebody’s Hero 2.0 with Aliyah Good:  Jamie O’Neal/Ed Hill/Shaye Smith
    6. Spin The Bottle:  Carolyn Dawn Johnson/Nicolle Galyon/Liz Rose
    7. Jealousy:  Jamie O’Neal/Lisa Drew/Jimmy Murphy/Emily Taylor Adams
    8. Trying To Find Atlantis 2.0 with Sara Evans:  Chris Waters/Zack Turner
    9. Sometimes It’s Too Late:  Jamie O’Neal/Shaye Smith/Ilya Toshinsky
    10. Prettiest Wreck:  Jamie O’Neal/Shaye Smith/Kaylee Rutland
    11. When I Think About Angels 2.0 with Martina McBride:  Jamie O’Neal/Sonny Tillis/Roxie Dean
    12.The World Goes On:  Jamie O’Neal/Shaye Smith/Ilya Toshinsky