Album Premiere: Serendipity Releases Alluring ‘Honey’

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Meet SoCal-based indie singer-songwriter Serendipity, whose debut album, Honey, validates her unwavering honesty, velvety haunting voice, and considerable musical talent.

Honey represents a sonic exploration and assessment of her generation’s quest for meaning amid the shifting backdrop of personal expectations and longings, while simultaneously pushing into adulthood. Serendipity accomplishes her metaphysical mission by means of captivating melodies exuding pensive tranquility as well as susceptibility, enticing listeners to experience their moods.

Serendipity developed her expressive voice taking part in slam poetry performances in NorCal, and cross-country road trips.

Previously released singles from the album include “My Own Queen,” a hymn to female empowerment, “So Wise,” a song about surrendering to the heart’s urgings, and “Flying,” revealing the freedom found in vulnerability.

Encompassing 11-tracks, Honey starts off with “H(om)e,” opening on a gentle glinting guitar, almost austere in simplicity, topped by Serendipity’s deliciously creamy voice, delicate yet proximately potent, gliding on tantalizing tonal wisps of color.

From a purely subjective viewpoint, entry points on the album comprise “In The Why,” traveling on gleaming metallic-flavored guitar riffs flowing on compelling undulating edges, as Serendipity’s voice, strong and urgent, rides overhead, infusing the lyrics with nuances of doubt laced with resolve to “live in the why.”

“So Wise,” vaguely reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, is chock-full of the luxury of emotional commitment to following one’s heart. The melody, delightful and superb, sparkles with tints of soft glowing textures, as Serendipity’s crystalline elegant timbres mount tones full of sublime surface hues, rounded and smooth.

Restraint and delicacy of allusion make “Special” an extraordinary song. There’s an alluring essence to Serendipity’s voice, hovering on subtle polished inflections, imbuing the lyrics with an aura of soul-searching intimacy.

“I feel it’s time to set you free from my heart / Yeah, I feel it’s time to set me free from your heart / It’s probably smart.”

On “My Own Queen,” Serendipity lets her luscious voice soar as she sets herself free from outside constraints, taking command of her life and emotions. The wickedly liberating howl at the end of the song sums up her new-found emancipation.

Gloriously wrought, Honey furnishes gorgeously concocted melodies, unpretentious yet imminent, all crowned by Serendipity’s enchanting voice.

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