Ireland’s Uwmami Drops Dope New Single – ‘YKY’

Uwmami | Photo: JB Photography
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Meet Uwmami, an Irish singer-songwriter, and producer, whose “industrial phase hip-hop” sound amalgamates pop, indie, alternative, and trap elements into minimalist music pervaded by cool leitmotifs and delicious sonic flows.

Describing Uwmami’s music, Luke Sharkey of Nialler9 wrote: “[Uwmami ‘s] tracks have a bedroom pop quality, with lo-fi hip-hop drum parts the usual order of the day. This is combined with hip-hop/R&B production aesthetic – often in the synths and vocals. Her tracks have been very dreamy thus far, each one carefully occupying its own little mental space.”

Guitar-driven, her solo projects exude influence from bands such as The Clash and The Internet, along with the lo-fi melodicism of bedroom pop coming from artists like Pizzagirl and Choker. She’s collaborated with Paye Fox, Nxbody, Murad, and Kings Gift, among others.

Uwmami’s previous releases include N.U.N.D., a mixtape entitled Uwmami Presents: Summer Series, and Summer Syrup, along with a host of singles, including but not limited to “Apricot Skies,” “Insomniac,” “Candy Crush,” “Six Drinks,” featuring AweSimon; “Stargazing,” featuring Chahyld; and “Kisses,” featuring Bonnie Spencer.

She’s performed at the Button Factory and the Workman’s Club. At the present juncture, Uwmami is planning more collaborations during 2020, as well as working on a new solo album, slated to drop this coming summer.

A skilled sound engineer, Uwmami studied at the Academy of Sound, in Dublin, Ireland, where she lives and works.

“YKY” opens on luminous colors riding a muscular trap beat, as Uwmami’s haunting tones glide overhead, lightly filtered. Deep keening synths infuse the harmonics with gravitational tones, adding a mirroring matrix for the glowing accents and restrained guitar riffs.

The flow of the melody, tantalizing yet raw and minimal, discharges an elusive palpable texture, nuanced yet smooth and creamy. Uwmami’s rapping-lite delivery infuses the lyrics with silky dripping savors.

Wonderfully wrought, “YKY” exudes low-slung dreamy auras and the satisfying tones of Uwmami, along with a sensuously alluring rhythm.

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