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As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Winter Issue, Issue 10

When first reading the description of the ToneWoodAmp, I wondered what type of audio quality I could really expect from this piece of technology. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use, the ease of installation, and the sound quality from this device. I was also delighted to see there was a left-handed model for us lefties, as we usually miss out on some of the coolest things, so this was a huge plus.

The ToneWoodAmp attaches pretty easily to the backside of your guitar. There is a magnetic X brace that goes inside your guitar. The brace installs using 3M double-stick tape that does not harm the inside of your guitar and can be easily removed. On the back of the ToneWoodAmp, there are rails that have micro-suction pads that keep the unit securely in place as well as protecting the finish on the guitar. It is very stout and secure — it’s a powerful magnet. I was able to secure it very quickly and with ease. I am by no means a guitar tech of any sort, and it was reasonably simple for me, which was another plus.

 “I really enjoyed exploring the sounds and options on the ToneWoodAmp.”

I attached it to my acoustic-electric and plugged the output of my guitar into the amp. I have a small 4-band EQ on my acoustic, so I flattened out all the settings and went to town experimenting with the sounds. The ToneWoodAmp works by vibrating the backside of the guitar that it is attached to, and the desired effect comes out of the soundhole. It’s like creating a built-in amplifier.

“The quality of sound was impressive, and the sounds were
very inspiring for songwriting, in my opinion.”

The instructions and online tutorials were very helpful. I had just a small problem with feedback initially, which I was aware may happen. With a couple of adjustments to a few global settings, I had everything dialed in quickly.

“Another great tool to help us towards our musical goals.”

The unit has three circular knobs that can be turned or depressed to access different functions. The sound options are Room, Hall, Plate Reverb, Delay, Auto-Wah, Overdrive, Tremolo/Delay, and Leslie style tremolo. Each of these effects can be altered and customized and can all be saved to the unit for future access. The unit also features USB jacks for software upgrades, and a 1/8” jack to connect to an iOS device to expand your sound library even further.

I really enjoyed exploring the sounds and options on the ToneWoodAmp. The quality of sound was impressive, and the sounds were very inspiring for songwriting, in my opinion. Another great tool to help us towards our musical goals, whatever they may be.

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Price:  $249.00


Disclaimer:  I was provided with a free product in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company in any way.


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