Product Review: The Unboxing of the Revolutionary “Wee Stand”


Music stands; subjectively are the easels of sound. From “Hot Cross Buns” all the way to that late-night gig on a smokey patio night. At one point or another, every artist needs support to hold their work. The traditional music stand is vital to a musician’s journey, but finding the perfect stand can be tough. Nothing like the creak of a rusty stand that won’t stay at the height you want it to. Maybe you have run into music stands that fall over easily at home, making it difficult when you have got that rental instrument in your hands. Stands are supposed to be easy to use, portable, sturdy, and efficient. To find that happy balance has been difficult over the years, leading me to hardly using them at all, until today.

I believe that the Wee Stand, created by Noisy Clan , is quite literally revolutionary. Unboxing this product was truly a treat!

On the top of the box, the “banana monster” tells you the name of the product in his eccentric word bubble. Like a Russian doll, this product has layers. I found myself just admiring the container to the stand. The material is solid, and one can respect how the container could be re-purposed for other smaller musical accessories. Moving on, I was greeted by an explosion of edgy graphic design and a mantra found inside the little black box, “Play with passion. Listen with love. Learn with liveliness.” Stickers and paper instructions were included and strategically placed on top of the Wee Stand. I want to applaud the Noisy Clan staff and their meticulous attention to detail. Just the packaging alone leaves an element of surprise, even though the pop-art is super “in your face.”

Holy moly, guacamole. When I took the Wee Stand out of the box, I was mind blown by how compact it was. You can fit it in the smallest of gig bags, even inside some hard-shell guitar cases. Did I mention that this is probably the lightest piece of gear you will ever own, next to picks and capos? Weighing in at 1.19lbs, it is a little over the weight of a box of spaghetti! When you open the stand up like a book, there is a QR code that leads you to an instructional video that I highly recommend you watch. The video tutorial that Noisy Clan has provided goes into more detail about the assembly and functionality.

On the back, there are three “legs” that retract into what I counted as five different size options. To my surprise, I was impressed by the sixth “tabletop” option, where it acts like any conventional tablet stand. If you choose to use the stand legs to the tallest height, the design allows you to get closer to the stand for those pieces of music that are hard to read. Let me put it this way: this baby goes from zero to a hundred just by a simple shake of the stand, akin to a toy lightsaber.

The Wee Stand is very practical for this modern day and age. I personally adore the ventholes on the folds of the stand, so your technology does not overheat. You can fit two sheets of paper on this music stand, which is ideal for sheet music, as well as books up to an inch thick, thanks to the innovative swivel holders. I really enjoyed the sheet holder, for it can be adjusted at an angle, allowing for more flexibility for your technology and the lighting of your environment. The materials used for this product are very high quality as well, so you know the Wee Stand was built to last. First, the folds are made of a “glass-filled polycarbonate/ABS,” according to the Noisy Clan website. The durable legs are made of carbon fiber. Not to mention the friction hinge base on the back of the stand, making the Wee Stand unique next to its competitors.

This product is simple, yet innovative. This music stand is perfect for children because there are so many functions and height options. The adjustable legs make it easy for a child to grow into their stand, thus growing into their music. This is especially great because a child won’t have to fidget so much with their stand, making it easy to get up close and personal, particularly when one is learning to read sheet music.

My favorite feature on this product is something I have personally never seen before on a music stand. There is a loop with a buckle where you can attach a bag to act as a weight to maintain the solidity of the stand. With that in mind, a child could literally hang their backpack while they practice, having easy access to their supplies when needed. How cool is that?

As far as musicians in adulthood, I recommend this product to buskers; since it is so compact, it can literally fit in someone’s pocket. This makes it easy for players who are on the go! I would recommend this stand to touring musicians to practice with in green rooms, but I would not recommend using the product on a dark stage because the color is so dark, one could misplace it easily once you fold it back into its compact position. However, for those who play music in places more well-lit, this would be a perfect tool for performing those three-hour sets.

The Wee Stand is truly one of a kind. Noisy Clan is a Kickstarter that launches on June 22nd, 2021. If you decide to join the Kickstarter, you will receive a discount of up to 40 percent off*. Link to the Kickstarter campaign HERE.

Price of Wee Stand: £90**

*Forty percent discount is applicable only for a limited amount of time. This price does not include shipping and handling.

** $126.72

NOTE: Price is stated as of the date of this review, and may be subject to change.

DISCLAIMER: We were loaned this product by the manufacturer for an honest review, and we received no payment or compensation for the review of this product.

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