Product Review: SonoTone Symphonic Premium Acoustic Guitar Strings 12-53

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“Brilliant, balanced, warm, loud, clear” and “projection” are the terms used to define these high-quality, premium strings by SonoTone. I very much agree with these descriptive terms, but I don’t think those words accurately paint a picture as to where these strings really shine or what kind of players will benefit sonically by choosing them.

I believe these premium strings are better suited for advanced, intricate musicians who utilize the whole fretboard and especially those who play many dissonant chord progressions. Jazz players and progressive guitarists will most likely benefit the most out of these strings.

I tried the light gauge Premium Acoustic strings and found that the clarity and balance are quite impressive when playing more elaborate chords, and offered the beautiful vintage tone I like when playing my Martin. If you are only playing major chords like an A or a G, you might miss out on the pure brilliance these strings have to offer.

For the seasoned professional, jazz, progressive, or any advanced player that does more complex chord structures, I would highly suggest trying out a set. The dissonance these strings provide is incredible, and the clarity that projects is better than any average set of strings I have ever tried. SonoTone stepped it up a notch with the Symphonic series, and the rich, pure tone they project is definitely worth every penny if you are looking to boost your sonic clarity.

The SonoTone Premium strings are a bit pricey for a beginner guitarist, and the beginner may not appreciate the quality these specialty strings offer and most likely cannot execute the techniques needed to justify the price. For that reason, I would recommend a more cost-effective option.

  • 12 16 24 32 42 53
  • Ultra Phosphor Bronze Wrap
  • Hand Wound Precision Hex Core
  • American Made



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