Product Review: Sheptone Humbuckers – Wanker and Sweep the Leg

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As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 9 – Autumn 2019 – Ladies of Metal

Hear ye! Hear ye! The Shep “Tone Priests” who gloriously parted the sky to elevate guitar tone to religion (see our May 29, 2019 product review of their Heartbreaker Humbucker Set and AB Custom Strat Set) have graced the guitar world again to bestow a new pair of wickedly potent humbucker pickups so heinous, you must NOT look directly at them lest you internally combust into a cloud of blue smoke. From this day forth, Sheptone decrees the Wanker and Sweep the Leg humbucker pickups shall reign over the land for all that is deemed … metal.

“New dimensions of guitar tone” 

For the apostles of the Super Strat Shredder denomination, the Wanker bridge humbucker and Sweep the Leg neck humbucker pickup set is the burning fire in the sky that will lead you to the promised land of divinely godlike tone. Believe the believers who have already become devoted disciples of Sheptone; it goes beyond the mortal understanding of tonal possibilities. Free your mind of the human world. Hail thy Sheptone creator for the humbucker higher power, copious mids, and uber human keen tone. Feel the power of the supernatural to space glide the Satriani Surfer, the utter destruction of Dimebag, and the Zeus lightning of Hammett. The metal guitar gods seamlessly switch between pickups for an arsenal of brutally potent tones. Join them in the cosmic winds for the unbridled tone and add your name to the list of metal masters like Ford, Batten, Orianthi, Strauss, Batten, Suys, Malmsteen, Gilbert, Lynch, Vai, and Demartini, et al.

The Sheptone Hell’s Angels forged the magnets for the Wanker and Sweep the Leg in the fires of Hades for the absolute power to create the magnetic fields of destiny. Unleashed on the unsuspecting, hear and feel the exuberance for the seemingly endless sustain, newfound speed, crushing power chords, and solos of fate.

“Magnetic fields of destiny”

Featuring the mighty:

  • Overly wound for omnipotent output
  • Even with its power, there is no human sacrifice of tone
  • Made for Super Strat sleds
  • 53mm spacing to accommodate Floyd Rose style bridges and F-spacing fixed bridges
  • Short feet are better suited for sleeker, low-profile guitar designs
  • Wooden spacers stay true to the original pursuit of tone
  • German silver base is ideal for tonal neutrality
  • Four-conductor wiring
  • Degaussed Alnico 5 magnets
  • Resistance around 10.5K
  • Available in a variety of bobbin color configurations (white, cream, black) and plates (black, nickel, gold)

Sheptone pickups take you beyond Pluto for a mind-blowing explosion to new dimensions of guitar tone existence for superconductive … shredding. Leave behind your expectations of what is because you will now experience limitless tonal power to shred beyond what was thought possible. The Wanker and Sweep the Leg humbuckers unleash your genius to conquer frequency continents. Crack your knuckles because your fingers will be challenged to keep up with your unlocked mastermind. New worlds of shred will be your domain. Rule over legions of arpeggios and remake civilizations of speed in your image. With the Wanker and Sweep the Leg humbuckers in your grasp, you will drink from “the” grail. Feel the power coursing through your veins as there is no holding back. Walk amongst gods, feel the universal existence, and come to know infinity. Be forewarned as once you enter the fray and step across the threshold, there is no return. With the Sheptone Wanker and Sweep the Leg, thou shalt shred.

“Unleash your genius”

For a glimpse of the power, see

Your greatness awaits.

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