Product Review: Science, Not Fiction: Roswell’s Mini K47 Condenser Microphone

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For years, I swore by the Neumann U67 or U87 in the studio for vocals, and I tracked drums or guitars with the tried and true Shure SM57 more often than not, but the NorCal-based Roswell Pro Audio has undoubtedly won me over with their entire line of boutique condenser microphones (and yes, I’ve tried them all!).

Perhaps the most versatile and affordable mic in their stable, however, is their bestselling Mini K47 (the “K47” refers to the capsule design—it is modeled after the capsule in one of the most famous mics of all time). The Mini K47 is a great option for those on a budget who want a great, high-quality multipurpose studio mic. Sure, it may sound like a vintage mic, but thankfully you’re not paying the “vintage mic” price.

Retailing at just $399, this incredibly dynamic, crisp, and full-sounding mic can be used for tracking vocals, guitars, drums, and just about anything you can imagine.

I’ve used the Minis primarily for drum overheads (I’m a bit partial to their Colares and Delphos for vocals, but I’ll admit, I have expensive taste) in most of my recent recordings, but I also used it for vocals in my rehearsal studio recently when we were doing some live video recordings. Let me tell you: this mic is as clear as day, there is no noise whatsoever, and the articulation is just fantastic. I’ve tried less expensive mics in the past, and oftentimes, they’re very harsh sounding and thin, without any real definition. Roswell has managed to create a very warm sounding condenser mic that sounds great even when stacked up against high-priced studio mics, yet it fits just about everyone’s price range.

As far as other features, this little monster also eradicates sibilance and any funky mouth sounds, and when tracking guitar or strings, it adds weight, body, and any jangling you may experience from acoustic instruments.

Another thing about Roswell I very much appreciate is their commitment to aesthetics. The Mini K is very sleek and sexy in design, and it comes equipped with a gorgeous, heavy-duty flight case and Cutaway shock mount.

The Mini K47 is currently available on its own, or in a matched pair, which are absolutely killer when used for drum overheads or piano.

As their motto suggests, this is science, not fiction. Check out for specs and audio samples.

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