Product Review: Martin LX1RE Little Martin


It seems like mini/travel guitars are becoming the new rage. In this day and age, we are always looking for convenience and better portability. For those of us who travel a great deal and in the market for a travel guitar, the Martin LX1RE Little Martin is the answer for you.

The Little Martin has 14 playable frets (20 frets total) and a scale length of 23 inches. It may seem small, but it still plays like a guitar. It is built very well with its HPL (High Pressure Laminate) back and sides making it a sturdy guitar that can get bumped around “a little” without damaging it — not to say it is indestructible. Still, for nicks, dents, and scratches, HPL guitars are stronger and hold up better, which is great when you are on the road. Aesthetically, the HPL back has a beautiful Rosewood pattern to it, so it looks great.

With its Sitka spruce top, the player gets smooth tones and projection. It sounds great for the size, but if you are looking for that “full body” sound, I would recommend the Martin Junior Series.

Playing around on the Little Martin, I was able to come up with some crazy chord combinations since the fretboard (made of FSC certified Richlite) is smaller. Equipped with Fishman® Sonitone electronics, it sounded great, and I had a lot of fun plugging in and playing.

Is this guitar gig worthy? You could gig with it under certain circumstances or for specific songs. Still, honestly, I personally wouldn’t use it as my main axe. For the seasoned musician, the Little Martin is ideal for travel or fun. Ideal for something to play in the hotel room to keep up your chops.



This Little Martin is the perfect guitar for a student. If you are just learning to play, this would be a great option, especially for young students with smaller hands. It will be easier to play since the fret spacing is slightly smaller. With the onboard electronics, the LX1RE would also make an excellent option for a beginner player because it is always fun to be able to plug in and play. And what a better way to start off a player than with a guitar that is quality built, comfortable to play, and with that amazing tone Martin is known for!

Comes with a gig bag.

MAP:  $559.00
Street:  $449.00

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