Product Review: Going Live: Epiphone Nancy Wilson Fanatic – Fireburst

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As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 18 Winter 2021 – Women in the Music Industry

At first, I was incredibly intimidated playing a guitar crafted by one of the goddesses of rock, Nancy Wilson. But as soon as I took the Epiphone Nancy Wilson Fanatic – Fireburst out of its case and felt my fingers wrap around its neck, it just felt right. For someone who has played many guitars, this one felt like it was made for me. It was light, bright, and boy, it was ready for a fight! Step aside, boys, the Epiphone Nancy Wilson Fanatic – Fireburst absolutely dazzles. 

Fanatic in blue really stood out to me, and I appreciated the fireburst design. The “Nighthawk” shape at first felt a little foreign to me, but it all made sense when I strummed that first chord. The cutaway was perfect for me to do solos, and I was especially impressed by the overall weight of the axe! It was so light and compact, and I was able to move around the stage quickly. 

I love the sound of the ProBucker™ Humbucker Pickups. It’s amazing just how crisp my highs were, and how well-rounded my guitar sounded in general. I was also surprised by the width of the neck (compared to the body of the guitar). In my humble opinion, this neck style is perfect for flamenco playing and great for fingerstyle players like Nancy herself. Every note I plucked was gold; I didn’t even use pedals! The action, in addition to the width of the neck, gave me an unforgettable experience. 

The five-way pickup system really felt incredible while playing live, and I was very surprised at how technically advanced and versatile this guitar was. I was able to get dirty/heavy tones, as well as simple acoustically round tones, and brighter tones. 

This is a guitar that any woman can pick up and play at a reasonable price point. It is lightweight and versatile, the action is easy, and there’s enough in the five-switch channels for experimentation. 

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Price: $529.00

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