Product Review: Fender Player Telecaster® Electric Guitar


As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 7

Let’s get right into it. Fender does an excellent job of making classic guitars with a classic sound. This Fender Player Series Telecaster gives a classic tone that can’t be copied. I first sat down to play this guitar in my home studio. I always love to hear the differences between playing a guitar in a studio setting and then in a live setting. It is worth saying that when I first demoed this guitar at home, I played out of my Line 6 mini amp with no effects, then I added a dose of reverb, and then I later added a dose of distortion to see just how rock ‘n’ roll this guitar was capable of sounding.

Not to my surprise, I was able to get a super clean, rich tone out of this guitar with no effects. Switching to the neck pickup, I noticed the depth of the tone. While this was not my personal favorite state to play this guitar in, I was thoroughly impressed with this guitar’s flexibility to switch up its sound while still remaining true to its Fender brand and sound. I later switched on my reverb and distortion (one of my favorite setup of effects to play any guitar on – this is my signature sound), and this is where I fell completely in love with this guitar.

The only concern I have about this guitar is the ease of playing rock styles on it. While the fretboard did have the classic Fender Satin Urethane finish on the back and a gloss Urethane finish on the front, moving up and down the board with my fingers proved to be a bit difficult. Additionally, it was challenging for me to pick fast the same way I usually do when I play my band’s rock ‘n’ roll songs. Much of this can be addressed though by playing with a different size pick, fingerpicking, etc.

All in all, I liked this guitar! Fender did it again.



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