Luna Kauwela Summer Tenor Ukulele


As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 21 – Fall 2022

Known for their bohemian designs and affordable, quality builds, the Tampa-based Luna Guitars have, from their founding in 2005, sought to create instruments that are unique in aesthetic and beautiful in tone. Released earlier this year, the Luna Kauwela Summer Tenor ukulele (also available in soprano, concert, and concert with preamp models) fits perfectly into that description.

Named after the Hawaiian word for “summer,” the Kauwela Summer Tenor’s top is decorated with a detailed ocean scene that depicts a surfer catching a wave as the sun sets amidst a backdrop of seagulls, palm trees, and volcanos. Complemented by shades of magenta and yellow in the top plate artwork, the deep blue of the surf envelopes the entire instrument, from the body to the neck to the headstock. This design is further accented by pearloid moon phase inlays along the fretboard.

For the individual musician, look and feel is crucial to being able to draw inspiration from an instrument, and the Kauwela Summer Tenor is sure to invite that connection from its players. But, of equal if not greater importance is its tone, and in that area, this model does not disappoint. Its maple body, spruce top, okoume (an African hardwood) neck, and pau ferro fretboard and bridge combine to produce a warm tone that projects.

With a C-shaped neck, 17” scale length, and 19 frets, the ukulele is also comfortable to hold and play. It comes strung with Aquila Super Nylgut strings, which are designed to be stronger than nylon and to achieve the feel and playability of gut strings. Another nice touch, aesthetically speaking, is the winged shape of the bridge, whose natural appearance stands out against the illustrative top plate.

With its gorgeous decorations and beautiful tone, the Kauwela Summer Tenor ukulele makes for a special and valuable addition to Luna’s ukulele lineup. And with a current list price of $159, this model is a wise purchase for any ukulele player.

Price: $159.00

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