Teen Vocalist Rocks New Novel About Songwriter

At just 15-years-old, upcoming teen Singer/Songwriter, Jamey Geston gets dream opportunity.

Press Release:  Popular author Mary Amato has a new YA called Get Happy about a 16-year-old singer-songwriter named Minerva who is desperate for a ukulele. As with her previous literary hit, Guitar Notes, Amato has written words and music for songs that appear in the book for readers to enjoy. 

This time, she teamed up with young performing artist Jamey Geston who is recording videos of the six songs in preparation for the book’s release. Geston has released the first three videos. The other three songs will be released as the book nears its publication date, October 28, from EgmontUSA.

“I was finishing Get Happy, my latest novel about a teen songwriter, when I saw 15-year-old Jamey Geston sing,” Amato says. “I went crazy. I knew that I wanted to feature Jamey singing the Get Happy songs. I asked her to make the songs her own, and what she is doing with them is so cool. The character in the book expresses all these major emotions—her anger, jealousy, hope, and love—in her songs. Jamey captures all that emotion beautifully.”

Jamey Geston with Luna Guitar’s Pearl Ukulele

The videos will be featured on the website for the book along with lyrics and chords for all the songs. Fans will be encouraged to make and share their covers of the songs and to write their own songs.

About Jamey Geston

 Jamey Geston is a Southern California-based singer-songwriter who plays guitar, uke, piano, & bass. Jamey’s own music is “an organic mix of indie, blended in a folksy beat, and flavored with pinch of acoustic pop.” A soulful performer, she has a jaw-dropping gig list. Bob Leggett, music critic for the LA Examiner, puts her on his “top twenty” list of rising stars to watch. And the Santa Barbara Independent has her listed as 805’s Next Great Music Makers.

About Get Happy

 The novel is about a hip high school girl named Minerva who loves music and expresses herself through songwriting. The story also chronicles Minerva’s painful journey to decide whether or not to reconnect with a father who left her when she was young. Pre-review from Kirkus: “Amato skillfully infuses her tale with moments of teenage angst, jealousy, disenchantment, humor and love. Hits a deep, sweet resonating note.”

About Mary Amato

MaryAmato is an award-winning writer of books, poetry, and songs, but it’s the fan mail she loves the most. Her books have been translated into foreign languages, adapted for stage, and optioned for TV. Mary’s YA novel Guitar Notes, which also included songs, was on MTV’s Hollywood Crush Best Books list.

About the Book’s Signature Ukulele

Luna Guitars “Pearl” ukulele design with a seahorse theme that Geston is playing will be offered as a giveaway through Amato’s site: www.thrumsociety.com and through twitter @maryamato to celebrate the book’s release.


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