The Guitarsenal: Lari Basilio


As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 15 – Spring 2021 – Electrified!

When you can shred like Lari Basilio, you need equipment that can keep up. Here’s a deeper dive into some of the equipment that she uses.

Current Gear

Ibanez LB1
Lari’s self-described “dream guitar” was launched in January 2021, making her the third female artist to receive a signature guitar from Ibanez. The captivating violet finish is her trademark color. The electronics are stocked with Seymour Duncan Lari Basilio alnico pickups in the form of two single coils and one humbucker in the bridge, producing a sweet yet spicy tone. The combined Gotoh T1702B tremolo, dyna-MIX9 switching system, and compound radius fingerboard make the LB1 a fast and versatile guitar. Lari loves this guitar because “the playability is fantastic, and I love the modern feel that it has.”

Ibanez AZ Custom
In addition to the LB1, another Ibanez that found its way into Lari’s virtuosic fingers was the AZ Custom. With features such as the oval neck grip, the balanced asymmetrical body, and the smooth neck heel, the AZ series provides players with unmatched playability. Lari’s sparkle gold and black model is loaded with a hot combination of Seymour Duncan pickups: an STK-S7 in the neck pickup, an STK-S4m in the middle pickup, and a Seth Lover Trembucker on the bridge. The AZ Custom, Prestige, and Premium also come stocked with Gotoh hardware for improved sustain and secure tuning.

Laney Ironheart IRT-SLS
One amp favorite of Lari’s is the Ironheart IRT-SLS by Laney Amplification. She describes this 300w tube amp head as having a “warm sound with lots of dynamics.” The IRT-SLS gives players three channels to choose from: clean, rhythm, and lead, with separate EQs, boost, and two power modes. Another desirable feature is the USB Audio I/O and a RE-AMP send jack, which means that players can change the guitar tone of an original recording without having to re-track anything.

Another Laney in Lari’s arsenal is the CUB-SUPERTOP. This little boutique head delivers 15 watts of straight-ahead vintage tone. One special feature of this amp is the <1 watt input, which allows the player to drive the amplifier harder at lower volumes. Another feature is the foot-switchable spring reverb, which is based on the spring reverb algorithm of the SECRETPATH pedal from Black Country Customs.

Laney Lionheart L20H
Last of the Laney amp line (but certainly not least) is the Lionheart L20 all-tube head. Known for delivering a hot and smooth tone, the Lionheart L20H is a class A amplifier, which means the tubes are operating at maximum output the entire time. Those tubes consist of hand-selected ECC83 preamp and EL84 power tubes, providing a tone that lives up to its British name. The built-in FX loop gives players using time-based effects more delay sound options.

Previous Gear

Suhr Classic T
Before switching to Ibanez, Lari could often be found playing Suhr guitars. Her most notable model was the custom Classic T in a sparkle pink finish with gold hardware, white binding, and a tinted maple neck. Founded in 1997, Suhr Guitars quickly became, and remains, a favorite among virtuosos, thanks to their superior construction. Her hot-rodded guitar was equipped with a single-coil neck pickup and bridge humbucking pickup for more tonal versatility.

DV Mark Multiamp
While recording her last album, Far More, Lari’s go-to amplifier was her DV Mark Multiamp. This compact, versatile all-in-one amp allows artists like Lari to access a wide range of different preamps, power amps, and effects with ease. “In this single unit, I have everything that I need: speaker cabinets, different amps, and microphones,” Lari tells her fans on her YouTube channel. One of Lari’s favorite features of this amp is the user-friendly interface—“I can get great tones very quickly.”