Singer and songwriter, Dejhare, exclusively shares new track, ‘What Is Love?’


Singer and songwriter, Dejhare, will release her debut full-length album, Unbreakable, later this summer. The album was recorded at Soundtek Studios, with all songs written and produced by Dejhare, including co-writing and co-production with Robert Berry. Dejhare’s musical influences range from soft-rock to world-beat, with a tint of jazz and Motown infused in her music also.

She has released the second single from her upcoming album, titled “What Is Love?,” and shares with Guitar Girl Magazine that “while we are all looking for love, we so often settle for less than we know we deserve. So many of us find ourselves in relationships lacking in compassion, in understanding, and in affection, but we are too busy to take time to pay attention to our love lives or too afraid to move on. “What Is Love?” reminds us to think twice about what we would do for love and what we expect from love.”

Listen to “What is Love?:”

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