OraStream in Neil Young’s New Book ‘To Feel the Music’

OraStream is featured in Neil Young's New Book "To Feel the Music" — co-written by Phil Baker. Neil Young's book advocates next-generation streaming technologies to save high-quality audio.

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SINGAPORE, September 9, 2019  –​​​​OraStream Private Limited is proud to announce that the company’s adaptive streaming technology has been featured in Neil Young’s new book “To Feel the Music: A Songwriter’s Mission to Save High-Quality-Audio.” Co-written with Phil Baker, the book tells the story of Neil Young’s efforts to improve the quality of audio that consumers hear.

The book describes the business and development story behind Pono and relates how Neil Young’s massive online archives, which The Guardian (UK) described as “a revolution in fandom,” came about. Neil Young reveals how a unique adaptive streaming technology developed in Singapore made it possible to provide all of his music streaming in high resolution with the Neil Young Archives (www.neilyoungarchives.com).

OraStream’s technology has enabled all of the music in the Neil Young Archives to be enjoyed in high-resolution audio quality on any personal computer and smartphone. These original recordings have depth, breadth and clarity that capture all the subtleties, echoes, reverberations and characteristics of the performance environment. It shows the music recording and technology industries what they can do to improve audio quality for music lovers.

OraStream’s adaptive streaming delivers music over both slow and fast networks, providing the best audio quality possible all the time, depending on the bandwidth available to the listener. The streamed audio files are adjusted in real-time to work on slow networks and under constantly changing conditions. It works like current streaming services (such as Spotify and Apple Music) when the bandwidth is limited but changes to the high-fidelity quality of the original recordings seamlessly when the bandwidth allows. This restores audio quality to what it once was — just as intended by the artists who created the music.

Celebrated singer-songwriter Neil Young, who has put his name and reputation on the quest of better audio for many years, says in the book: “There’s no longer any need to compromise audio quality, as OraStream’s adaptive bitrate streaming marries the convenience of streaming with the best quality that users’ devices can handle. The technology is obviously superior to anything else.”

Technology writer and co-author Phil Baker says, “Adaptive bitrate streaming is one of the key features that has made the Neil Young Archives possible. Tens of thousands of its members are streaming the music from high-resolution studio quality master recordings. There’s no higher streaming quality in the world than this. OraStream’s pioneering efforts will result in more music services adopting high-fidelity streaming. Neil and I believe this is the future of audio streaming.”

OraStream’s CEO, Frankie Tan says: “Neil Young’s mission to restore audio quality to what it once was is the most important professional undertaking of his entire career. We are extremely proud to contribute to this quest.”

OraStream’s adaptive streaming technology powers audio delivery on the Neil Young Archives and Primephonic, a premier classical music service available in 154 countries. In addition, two of the most significant online sites for classical and audiophile music recordings, Presto Music and HDtracks, are launching their newly revamped music stores with OraStream’s technology.

For more information, visit www.orastream.com/about

“To Feel the Music” will be available in bookstores on Sept. 10, 2019. To order online, visit https://www.benbellabooks.com/shop/to-feel-the-music

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