NAMM 2020 (Day Two) “A-Game, Go Time!”


By Guitar Girl Magazine – January 17, 2020

Ok, NAMM Day One was so, yesterday. Yes, you survived the journey, wandered a hall or two, said “hello” to a few people, tried to eat something kind of healthy for dinner and finally passed out in your hotel room. More importantly, you were baptized in NAMM electricity and now you’re one of the initiated. Day Two is the day for no excuses or holding back. Spring from that hotel bed put on your power outfit and go over the day’s plan one more time. It’s the most important day for getting what you need done. It’s time to put on your best “A-Game” as it’s time to go!

** Tonight! – SHE ROCKS AWARDS – Friday @ House of Blues – Doors at 6 PM **

The NAMM U breakfast is a great target to use as your start of the day as it gets you up and out of your room early. As you’ve seen, they get a massive crowd in and out of there promptly in time for the start of NAMM each day, and it’s free. I did room service at the Hilton for breakfast on one of the last mornings and, let me tell me, it ain’t cheap!

Also, by now you’ve seen the immense value of the NAMM app and have looked at the show map and event schedule enough that you rarely have to rely on it. Also, an insider’s tip is to bring a water bottle and a snack because you’ll need them more than you think while you’re pacing the halls.

As the Gates of Oz (NAMM) open for the day, it’s time to unleash your best cool, calm and professional swagger. No one wants to seem overly anxious, but expectations are high. Everyone is looking to be part of the NAMM experience; to make the kind of connections only possible there. With awesomeness all around, the “shiny object” distractions are everywhere. Keep your focus on your plan to see the people, products, and performances that drew you to NAMM in the first place. Discover your NAMM-Self and show why you belong.

We are so excited about tonight’s main event, the 2020 She Rock Awards brought to you by the Women’s International Music Network (WiMN) being held at the House of Blues. Get your tickets ASAP! The She Rocks Awards pays tribute to women in the music industry featuring live music, awards and speeches, celebrity appearances, a silent auction, gift bags and more. This is the premier “must-go-to” event of the evening and one of the crown jewels of NAMM. Tickets can be purchased at

Guitar Girl Magazine’s Founder and Editor in Chief, Tara Low, is included as one of the distinguished 2020 She Rocks Awards recipients. Tara’s ongoing hard work and dedication have helped so many in the music industry that we couldn’t think of a more deserving award recipient. Congratulations to Tara, bravo!

“Shine as part of the light”

Friday’s Guitar Girl Magazine NAMM Recommendations:


  • Ampeg
  • Bad Cat
  • Fender
  • Friedman
  • Koch
  • Marshall
  • Quilter
  • Soldano
  • Two-Rock
  • Vox
  • Yorkville
  • ZT


  • Are You The Next Big Thing? – Rock Cellar Magazine
  • The Power of Podcasting!
  • GUITAR & STRING GIVEAWAY – D’Angelico Guitars
  • Finding a Job in the Music Industry – What to Know Before You Begin
  • 7 Hacks to Boost Your Online Sales
  • Elise Trouw Meet and Greet and Signing
  • Misha Mansoor (Periphery) – Artist Autograph Session
  • 10 Ways to Make Money With Your Original Music—and the Contracts Required
  • How Instagram Really Works and How to Create Successful Content
  • Eva Gardner – Meet & Greet
  • The Psychology of Change in Music Business: Gender Equality Can Happen
  • How to Keep Customers Engaged With Your Website
  • Navigating Social Media for Guitarists
  • Nikki Stringfield of The Iron Maidens Meet and Greet
  • Making Money Making Music
  • How to Create Effective Videos for Social Media


  • Elaine Faye
  • Trishes
  • Ana Karina Sebastiao
  • JoLivia
  • Taylor Reed
  • Katie Ferrara
  • Jen Majura (Evanescene)
  • Nina Storey
  • Courtney Preis
  • Sarah JoAnne Draper
  • Ali Handal
  • Julia Gartha
  • Yvette Young
  • Julia Lucius
  • Stacy Mitchhart
  • SadGirl
  • Molly Miller
  • Shannon Patino
  • Chelsea Takami

“Baptized in NAMM electricity”

Today is your day to make your mark at NAMM. Push yourself beyond and make possibilities a reality. Feel it flow through you and become one with it. Yes, the exhaustion is just below the surface but the way you feel right now at NAMM is beyond what human words can describe. Either you get it, or you don’t. At NAMM, you walk with legends, see the future and shine as part of the light.

Of course, the big question at hand is just what are you going to wear to the She Rocks Awards? It’s the evening event where you want to be dressed as your NAMM self. It’s a celebrity picture and selfie extravaganza!

Your NAMM day will run a little late. It’s OK because you’ve one of the initiated and tonight is where urban myths are made.


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