Summer NAMM 2019: Summer NAMM Day Two – Go Time

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For many, Summer NAMM Day one was about traveling, getting situated and maybe a quick tour of what’s ahead but there is no doubt about the excitement and grandeur of being in America’s music city…Nashville. Now, as the sun was setting low, the WIMN’s She Rocks Showcase at Tin Roof Broadway was the soiree to be at but more on that later.

“Nashville is NAMM”

NAMM Day One is so yesterday. Day Two is definitely “Go Time” and you want to make every nanosecond counts. No better way to start your day than with the NAMM U Breakfast and then it’s off to the races. Today you are electric!  You devoured the event schedule and can now use the NAMM app better than Siri.

Here’s the outline for Day Two:

Music City Center

  • The Customer Experience Revolution 8-9:30AM
  • The NAMM Foundation-College Music Society Music Industry Leadership Team 9-11AM
  • SupportMusic Coalition on Coalitions 12-1:30PM
  • NAMM Idea Center 10:30AM-5PM
  • TEC Tracks 10:30AM-6PM
  • Dante House of Worship Audio Boot Camp 9AM-4PM
  • Gear Talk & Worship Musician Official Summer NAMM Meetup 4-5PM
  • NAMM YP Education Session & Reception with guest speaker JC Curleigh CEO of Gibson Brands  4-6PM
  • Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar Night @ 3rd and Lindsey 6-8PM
  • NAMM Top 100 Dealer Awards 6-8:30PM
  • Gruhn Guitars Reception @ Gruhn Guitars 6-9PM

”It’s Go Time”

There’s a lot to do, see and be a part of. The day’s events and insights give you the tools, connections, and knowledge to boldly go forth and become the music industry veteran you’ve always wanted to be. Mental gears are turning at full speed and the blood and ideas are roaring like the Tennessee River. The night is young and downtown Nashville is alive with the world-class talent in full swing and that $20 Nashville Bar Pass is burning a hole in your pocket. NAMM Day Two is the music industry in all its glory. NAMM Day Two, Nashville is NAMM!

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