SNAMM 2019: Summer NAMM Day Three – All Good Things…

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The wonderful thing about Day Three of NAMM is you’re in the groove and its electricity rages through you. The late-night adventures, early morning triple espresso and living on the fly, it’s the ebb and flow of the world’s greatest summer MI trade show. You get the feel of living on Olympus amongst the gods. Your suitcase was so neatly packed when you arrived but now it’s like, whatever. For the day’s quest, you put on what’s cleanest and blast off for another day of Music City Sunshine.

“Like a glimpse into the future”

For today’s events, for Education:

• Best in Show 8-9:30AM
• Songwriting Masterclass with John Oates 11AM-12PM
• ‘Pensado’s Place’ Live at Summer NAMM 1-2PM
• NAMM Idea Center 10:30AM-5PM
• A3E Summit 10:30-6PM

Featured Events:

• Musician’s Chapel 9-9:30AM
• Fender Play 10AM-4PM
• The Martin Guitar and Strings Open Mic 10AM-4PM
• Guitar Circle 11AM-12PM
• Summer NAMM Presents: Lee Ann Womack 1-2PM
• Performance by Vices of Vanity 2PM
• Ukulele Circle 2-3PM “A competitive advantage”

As a Saturday in Nashville at NAMM, you can fill your day with as much as you’re wanting to pack into your schedule. As all good things must come to an end, you realize it’s really a new beginning with your newfound knowledge, new people and connections you’ve made, and the fresh perspective on where you’re going for a competitive advantage.

“Hottest new products, creations, and services”

Check out the Best in Show for the hottest new products, creations and services at Summer NAMM 2019

On the trip home, it’s like you’re floating back to Earth but you still feel the excitement and fast pace coursing through your veins. It’s thrilling to know that you have the latest and greatest of the industry like you’ve had a glimpse into the future.

Now, it’s time to get ready for Winter NAMM 2020 in Anaheim, CA to be held January 16-19!

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