Sadowsky Guitars is proud to announce the new Spruce Core Single Cut Bass at the 2019 NAMM show in Anaheim CA (booth #5129).

Roger Sadowsky began his career building acoustic guitars in 1972. Since then, the acoustic properties of wood have always played an important role in Rogers approach to building electric guitars and basses. “Spruce is one of the most musically resonant woods on the planet,” notes Roger. “It is the number-one tonewood across the acoustic instrument spectrum, from guitars to mandolins to piano soundboards to the whole violin family.” Two years ago, Roger began using a spruce core with his innovative and well-received Broadway series of electric guitars. He now brings this same concept to basses with the Spruce Core Single Cut Bass.

“Spruce is a soft wood,” says Roger. So, like the Broadway models, we decided to construct the body from ninety percent spruce and then pair it with a hardwood top and back. The hardwood is successive slices from the same billet—not just the same kind of wood—giving the instrument a stunning visual consistency from top to bottom. This version of the Sadowsky Single Cut has a 24-fret bolt on neck, Sadowsky’s mid-boost preamp, and Sadowsky Soapbar pickups in modem locations. A paragon of electric bass design and construction, this bass sings with sweetness and resonance.

The Spruce Core Single Cut basses will be available from Sadowsky dealers and direct from Sadowsky.


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