NAMM 2019: Gruv Gear Debuts New 2019 Product Lineup at NAMM


Music gear company Gruv Gear will be launching several new products at this year’s NAMM. Known originally for their heavy-duty carts, Gruv Gear has since expanded the product lineup over the last 13 years. The latest offerings this year are as follows:

Kapsule Guitar Bag

Pricing TBD / May 2019

The Kapsule sets the new benchmark in travel-ready guitar bags. The bold design combines a polycarbonate shell with rugged fabrics, a unique headstock “iso chamber” to prevent impact damage, a TSA security lock, built-in humidity control, and convenient snap-on wheels. It even includes one year of peace-of-mind with its Global Recovery Tag integrated in over 2800 airports worldwide. The Kapsule comes in single and double case options for most guitars and basses.

Key Features:


  • Check-in ready with TSA locks.
  • Bold design with polycarbonate/ABS shell combined with rugged fabrics.
  • Tour-ready storage pockets for a guitar/bass amp, pedals, cables and accessories.
  • 1 year of peace of mind with Gruv Gear’s global recovery tag (powered by HomingPIN), integrated in over 2800 airports and major airlines.
  • Well-padded shoulder straps for comfort during long walks, can be tucked in when checking the bag.
  • Snap-on, smooth-rolling wheels takes weight off your shoulders.
  • OPTIONAL PLAY PACKAGE: Gruv Gear hi-fidelity portable practice amp (powered by PJB), headphones, instrument cable and auxiliary cable.
  • OPTIONAL POWER PACKAGE: Oktane wireless power bank, 2 Oktane charging cables.


  • Unique “Iso chamber” to keep headstock from impact damage.
  • Built-in humidity control (Boveda-certified).
  • Extra long EVA neck support with additional storage.
  • Single and double case options for most guitars and basses.

VELOC Drum Transport

Pricing TBD / June 2019

Hauling an entire drum kit in one trip is now a reality with the new Gruv Gear VELOC transport system. The complete tour-ready hybrid cases come in the most common  snare, kick, and tom sizes, double pedal, cymbals, sticks and hardware — All connecting to the ingenious magnetic-mount rail cart for one epic load-out. Easily converts between full- and half-stack configurations without any tools.

Key Features:


  • Haul up to a 5-piece kit including hardware, cymbals, double pedal and sticks in a single trip.
  • Access all drums without detaching the bags. 
  • Strong magnetic clips to attach bags to the cart.
  • Dual access, front and top loading.
  • Fold-flat bags takes less space when stored.
  • Tour-ready hybrid protection.
  • Multiple carry options including shoulder straps.


  • Universal magnetic rail to fasten at any level.
  • Lightweight aluminum hardware.
  • Fully supported tilt mode for easy transport.
  • Convert between full- and half-stack configurations without tools.
  • Adjustable height ergonomic handle.
  • Smooth wheels and swivel casters.
  • Use two carts for larger kits.

$50 / March 2019

The new FABRK Strap creates a classy statement with modern fabric textures, sleek metal hardware, and trim, and a generously-padded neoprene underside for unmatched comfort. Its smooth adjustable seatbelt webbing features a custom G-hook fastener to easily switch strap lengths.


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