NAMM 2019: Córdoba Makes Learning Easy with New Ukulele Player Pack

Córdoba Makes Learning Easy with New Ukulele Player Pack


This winter, Córdoba is launching the Ukulele Player Pack, an all-in-one boxed ukulele with all of the accessories needed to start playing.

Córdoba’s affordable and beginner-friendly Protégé line first introduced
instrument packs with their Winter NAMM launches in 2013, and the new Ukulele Player Pack expands that line to include an all-mahogany soprano sized ukulele with a breathable, satin finish. The pack includes everything an aspiring player needs to get started, bundled in a sleek, sophisticated box you’ll want to hang onto. Inside is a drawstring travel gig bag, digital clip-on chromatic tuner, extra set of strings, three picks and a chord book. With the Ukulele Player Pack, it’s never been easier to grab a uke, tune up and start having fun!

Ukulele Player Pack – $95 MSRP • $69 MAP USD


  1. Overall, we think the Donner DUC-1  is the best choice in a beginner’s ukulele for most people because of its good sound, comfortably wide fingerboard, and generous amount of included accessories. If the DUC-1 is unavailable, the Cordoba 15CM  costs a little more but offers a nicer fit and finish and similar sound and playability. Beginners who crave the smaller size of a soprano uke should first consider the Ohana SK-20S ; for something a little less traditional or more affordable (or if the SK-20S sells out), we recommend the Luna Vintage Spruce Soprano . Wirecutter is a list of wonderful things by Brian Lam and friends, founded in 2011 and a part of The New York Times Company since 2016. Have a question? Just ask .


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