Your Heaven Audio Premiere’s New Tech at Summer NAMM


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At this summer’s NAMM Show in Nashville, Your Heaven Audio premiered it’s latest in acoustic instrument amplification tech.

There were two new products that Your Heaven Premiered first was the new OEM version, which is a built-in system for guitars with a digital interface so manufacturers can pre-build it in the plant. The second product (which will be launching next week) was a version that dealers can then install on any acoustic guitar now keeping it more streamlined with a wireless direct out of the main.

The team met with various acoustic guitar makers and created custom profiles per guitar brand and then demoed Your Heaven on each manufacturer’s guitar. While the show’s environment at NAMM was incredibly loud, everyone was still able to easily discern it was producing a natural sound with almost no other audio interference.

“Dealers from around the world all were circling our booth wanting to try it on their guitar It was an exhausting weekend that couldn’t have been more fun and the couldn’t have been any better received. To see peoples reactions, it never gets old, such was an amazing experience. “

– Steve Schwartz Your Heaven Audio CEO

About Your Heaven Audio

Your Heaven Audio is innovating and creating next-generation hardware and software for making good music sound better. They have created several unique mic systems for capturing and recording the sound of acoustic musical instruments. The CloseUp Mic is a system that lets you capture and amplify the sound of your instrument while, at the same time, achieving isolation and feedback resistance better than any pickup, while rejecting environmental noise, and providing the sound quality of a high-end studio microphone.

Our systems deliver sound quality similar to a clean, high-end studio recording for Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Mandolin.

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