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FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA January 2018 – Florida cable manufacturer Wireworld Pro Audio is introducing the Polaris guitar cable at NAMM. The cable features the patented DNA Helix conductor geometry with a core made of high strength DuPont Kevlar. This radical design speeds up a transient response for greater definition and dynamic expression, along with excellent flexibility and durability.
“Cables mostly sound different because of electromagnetic loss”, states Wireworld President David Salz, “and Polaris minimizes that loss to deliver more intense tone than others.”

The increased speed of Polaris lets the music breathe, sounding much more textured and vibrant. Individual sounds become more distinct as the whole spectrum gains a faster cleaner attack and decay. Highs and lows sound more extended as overall tone intensifies. Quieter sounds become audible and dynamics gain impact.

Unlike any conventional cable, Polaris has two rectangular insulators, each containing four individual conductors in parallel. The conductors are oxygen-free copper with 24AWG per polarity. Between those conductors is another innovation, a high strength core of DuPont Kevlar. The insulation materials are composites, called Composilex 3, developed to minimize both noise and loss. The shield is also a composite material that effectively blocks interference. This new cable structure makes Polaris extremely flexible, so it also handles better than other cables.

Polaris cables are available with any combination of straight and angled ¼” phone plugs. Wireworld offers two levels of plugs, which use the same solid contact design and two plating options. The standard plugs have nickel plating and the upgrade plugs feature an extra thick plating of silver, the most conductive metal. A fifteen-foot cable with nickel plugs sells for $90 and with silver plugs, the price is $110.
Innovative testing is the very foundation of Wireworld’s technological advances in design, materials, and performance.

Wireworld has 5 patents on their cables and a 6th patent on their testing methodology.

The Polaris Instrument Cable will be available for testing at NAMM
Level 1 ACC North 15123

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