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ANAHEIM, California, January 25, 2018 — Reaffirming its ability to provide all
segments of the market with a complete range of acoustic and electric guitar models
that meet every player’s needs, Washburn introduced a wave of new guitars at Winter
NAMM 2018 at Booth #6810 in the Anaheim Convention Center. The 2018 line-up
strengthens the brand’s position as the first choice at every level of play, according to
Washburn Vice President & General Manager Gil Soucy.
“Washburn has always led the industry through innovation and the new models
introduced today demonstrate our continued ability to innovate at every level and in
both electric and acoustic categories,” Soucy asserted. “Since 1883, every guitar we’ve
ever built has delivered the traits players desire most — great tone, playability, design,
durability and value.”

Six new guitars and three mandolins are being added to the WashburnWB_TCMF43SWK_FS_020117_preview.jpeg
line in 2018, according to Washburn Director of Design & Development Jonathan Lee. “The 135th Anniversary Made In U.S.A. Revival Solo Dreadnought brings history to life with a guitar inspired by 1937 Washburn 5246 model. The all-solid Timeless Collection of three mandolins and one parlor guitar features soundboards made from 140+-year- old European Fir beams. Inspired by Washburn’s 1939 Solo DeLuxe, the acoustic/electric Revival Series Solo DeLuxe Grand Auditorium pairs a Torrefied Sitka spruce top with Torrefied Sitka bracing with solid mahogany, providing dealers and players with vintage vibe and tone. The Comfort All-Solid model brings the first all-solid guitar body to the Comfort Series. The Apprentice G-Mini attracts new, younger players and meets dealer demand for smaller guitars.

Add in the stunning new Michael Sweet Signature Made-In- USA Parallaxe V and it
becomes clear that Washburn is offering something new and exciting for everyone.”

The 135th Anniversary Made In the U.S.A. Revival Solo Dreadnought WB_RSD135D_FS_110117_preview.jpeg
(RSD135-D) is an all-solid Sitka spruce and mahogany model based on
Washburn’s rare 1937 (Model 5246) Dreadnought. Only 135 of these
guitars will be produced, and they are being made at Washburn’s
custom shop with a body shape drawn from a direct tracing of 1937
model. Using a solid Sitka spruce top and scalloped-X “moon wood”
European spruce bracing, along with African mahogany, the tone is loud
and rich. It revives much of the original’s aesthetics, featuring a
Washburn “smile” bridge, Revival ‘30s style headstock and Solo
Dreadnought tortoise pickguard. Designed to optimize player comfort,
the Solo D is built with a neutral-C shaped neck and Graptech Ratio-
tuned tuners. Each guitar will have a serial number from 1883-2018,
representing Washburn’s 135 years of making great guitars. This model
comes with an arched-top hardshell case for protection and storage.

The Timeless Collection is limited edition, one-of-a-kind wood string WB_TCP130SWK-LTD_FS_112117_preview.jpeg
instruments with tops made from 140+-year- old reclaimed European Fir beams pulled from bridges, pubs, and barns throughout the U.K. The
warm, rich tone produced by this natural aging process falls between
redwood and spruce, providing a unique blend of clarity, volume and
complexity. With a parlor guitar and three mandolins, the Timeless
Parlor, Timeless Celtic, Timeless A-Style and Timeless F-Style, there is
a Timeless instrument for every enthusiast. A Mother-of-Pearl " Clou De Lys" overlay graces every Timeless instrument headstock to commemorate this special wood, and each instrument comes with a
hardshell case that includes a “cut steel nail” encased in acrylic – nails
pulled from the reclaimed wood, proving the age, as cut steel nails fell
out of use after 1880.

The Revival Series Solo DeLuxe Grand Auditorium (RSG100SWVSEK-D)
is an electric/acoustic version of the 1939 Solo DeLuxe that features a Torrefied Sitka
spruce top, Torrefied Sitka bracing, and solid mahogany back and sides. The aesthetic is
classic, presenting Washburn’s 1930s-style sunburst design, and utilizing a minimally
invasive Fishman GT-2 under-saddle pickup. The Torrefaction process is applied to both
soundboard and bracing to age these materials such that internal resins are crystallized
and suspended water removed; much like what would naturally happen over the course
of 20+ years of air drying. Mated with solid Mahogany back and sides and a bone nut
and saddle, the result is its pre-war voice that features a strong fundamental and can be
driven hard for cut-through- the mix volume. This model comes with a deluxe arched-top hardshell case for superior protection and storage.

The Comfort All-Solid electric/acoustic model (WCG700SWEK-D) is the industry’s mostWB_AGM5K_FS_111517_preview.jpeg
affordable all-solid guitar with an ergonomic armrest bevel, giving guitarists greater comfort and reducing player fatigue. It features a solid Torrefied Sitka spruce top, solid African Ovangkol back and sides, an ebony fingerboard and bridge, bone nut and saddle, Graphtech Ratio-tuned tuners, and Fishman Presys Blend electronics with microphone and tuner. This combination of top-quality materials gives the guitar an immediate, loud and warm tone craved by many of today’s players, with the Ovangkol providing characteristics somewhere between Indian rosewood and black walnut. A hardshell case is included for protection and portability.

The Apprentice G-Mini (AGM5K-A) is Washburn’s most affordable
model in the popular G-Mini style. A 7/8-scale guitar designed for
guitarists on the go and younger players, it offers the best combination of affordability, tone, packability, and style. The guitar comes with a gig bag and features a laminated spruce top and mahogany back and sides for enhanced durability.
Designed in conjunction with Michael Sweet of Stryper, the Michael Sweet Signature
Made-In- USA Parallaxe V is inspired by the guitar that Michael Sweet toured with on
Stryper’s 30th Anniversary “To Hell With The Devil” Tour in 2016. Painted in Michael’s
classic yellow-black, the guitar pairs the raw power of Michael’s chosen EMG pickups
and style of Washburn’s PXV-shape with American-made craftsmanship, giving
shredders the ability to look and sound like platinum-selling artists.


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