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January 24, 2018 (Anaheim, CA) – Singular Sound today announced the MIDI Maestro™— a MIDI foot controller with the “ultimate ease of use”.

Each footswitch button has a dedicated screen that displays its current function, eliminating the need for fixed labels or memorization.

While MIDI foot controllers have been notoriously difficult to set up, the MIDI Maestro™relieves musicians with easy customization through the included MIDI Maestro Mobile app.

The app includes presets for popular products, enabling immediate setup. Fans of Singular Sound’s BeatBuddy pedal drum machine will find a plethora of expanded capabilities with the included BeatBuddy presets.

The MIDI Maestro’s sleek compact six-button design offers more control than larger MIDI foot controllers with its Dynamic Page System™. Each button has the capability to link to another bank of commands, empowering musicians to seamlessly access the functions they need.

Any number of MIDI Maestros can be daisy-chained together to create an integrated MIDI controller of any desired size.

“Most musicians hate MIDI foot controllers because they’re almost impossible to set up and use,” said David Packouz, CEO of Singular Sound, “the MIDI Maestro™ solves all these complaints while providing even more capabilities. This is finally going to bring the power of MIDI to the masses.”


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