Willcox Guitars Displays Complete Product Line at the 2016 NAMM Show



The NAMM Show, Anaheim, California, January 21, 2016 – Willcox Guitars (Booth 2683/Hall D), an acclaimed instrument manufacturer and a leading innovator in guitar and bass pickups and related technologies through its proprietary LightWave Systems (LWS), is displaying its entire product line at The NAMM Show. Willcox Guitars are all powered by the LightWave Analog Optical Pickup System, the most advanced string transducer available today. The optical pickup system uses infrared light to sense string vibration, precisely capturing the rich and powerful sound of the instrument, and which is also ideally suited for individual string processing and synth access. Aside from a groundbreaking new product being introduced at the show, Willcox’s product offerings on display include Atlantis ElectroAcoustic Guitars and Saber Basses, as well as HexFX editions of both.


Designed for all guitar players, regardless of musical style, Atlantis is quickly becoming the next-generation “go-to” guitar for many top players. With LightWave pickups, it offers excellent natural acoustic resonance, making it ideal for unamplified casual playing or serious practicing and composition. And for amplified playing, the tone and pickups of the Atlantis allow players to effortlessly blend with drums, bass and electric guitars and fit comfortably into any live mix.


Saber VL and SL are high-performance, professional basses available in 4-string, 5-string, fretted and fretless configurations, featuring selected tonewoods, and a variety of stunning finishes. LightWave pickup technology allows Saber basses to offer extended bass response with long, natural sustain and extremely low noise and no inherent coloration. The lightweight, ergonomic design is engineered for high performance.


The Atlantis and Saber HexFX Editions feature a 13-pin individual string output, in addition to the mono 1/4″ output. The resulting output enables full synth access, individual string processing and modeling, and the use of a fanout box. HexFX Editions open up a world of new and exciting possibilities for the bass player and guitarist: polyphonic string processing, pitch-to-MIDI conversion, playing software instruments, playing digital and analog synths using the guitar as a controller, and even transcribing the music you play into notation.


Photo File: Atlantis_Saber.JPG

Photo Caption: Willcox Atlantis ElectroAcoustic Guitar and Willcox Saber Bass.


About Willcox Guitars & LightWave Systems

Willcox Guitars invite the artist to an innovative and transformative playing experience. Christopher Willcox designs electric guitars and basses, and other exceptional electric string instruments, incorporating traditional quality with a contemporary look and feel, combined with advanced technology. Willcox is also the founder of LightWave Systems, and the inventor of the LightWave Analog Optical Pickup technology. LightWave optical pickups are featured in all of the Willcox Guitars instruments. Players who “make the jump to light” discover a world of rich versatile tone, complex harmonics, singing natural sustain, clear note articulation and string-to-string separation, refined touch sensitivity, low noise, and dynamic response.


Willcox Guitars/LightWave Systems is exhibiting at Booth 2683 (Hall D) at the 2016 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.


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