Todd Sharp Amplifiers Introduces New Model JOAT 30RT to be Unveiled at 2016 Summer NAMM

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Expands Upon Award-Winning Flagship Model The JOAT 20RT with 30 Watts of Power with Two Additional Output Tubes in Unique Output Stage Configuration

Todd Sharp Amplifiers only launched in Feb. 2016 and their flagship model the JOAT 20RT is already generating a-list clientele, rave reviews, as well as Guitar Player Magazine Editors’ Pick Award, the highest honor from the publication. Expanding upon his award-winning debut model, Sharp will unveil the highly anticipated JOAT 30RT exclusively at Summer NAMM 2016 in Nashville, TN June 23-25. 

Todd Sharp Amps JOAT 30RTSharp’s latest model offers 30 watts of output using four power tubes (2x EL84 and 2x 6V6) in blended pairs. Sharp notes, “The JOAT 30RT model is the next step up in power – expanding on our highly successful 20RT design. I created it for the player who wants a little more kick and headroom that comes with the extra wattage. The JOAT 30 offers two optimized pairs of 6V6’s and EL84’s, each with its own output transformer which are then blended together at the speaker output. This technique keeps the pristine chime and clarity of the EL84 while mixing in the classic warm friendly magic of the 6V6. Otherwise, this is basically the same circuit as the 20RT. I am very happy with the overall design of the 20RT and feel that this option with its increased power will appeal to a new audience of clientele.”

The JOAT 30RT will be on site at Sharp’s booth #1255 along with the JOAT 20RT. Sharp will be present and offering exclusive specials for NAMM attendees who visit the booth. 

About Todd Sharp Amplifiers

Founded in 2016, Todd Sharp Amplifiers are handcrafted in Nashville, TN. The debut model the JOAT (Jack of all Tone) 20RT head plus the new model 30RT and Model A Speaker Cabinet are now available. With the accumulated wisdom of 40+ years as a first call rock & roll guitarist including the last 20 polishing tone for an impressive clientele with Nashville Amplifier Service, Sharp brings unique experience and expertise to Todd Sharp Amplifiers: “Amplifier Design by a Real Player for Real Players.” From aesthetics to chassis layout, to mil spec rotary selectors and pots, aircraft grade isolation mounts for the first stage 6AU6 pentode and dual Reverb tank design, custom spec transformers, point to point hand wiring with 19 strand Teflon wire, stainless steel hardware, and a painstaking process of selecting each component for optimum performance, the JOAT amplifier series deliver from Fingerboard to Baffleboard.

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To view a map of Summer NAMM 2016 and Todd Sharp Amps Booth #1255 click here

Todd Sharp Amps Interior

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