Rotosound Add Henry Heller Vintage Guitar Straps To Their Range


Rotosound is delighted to announce it has added the new Heller Vintage Guitar straps to their range. These limited edition guitar straps have been manufactured using authentic woven jacquard material from the late 1960’s early 1970’s which was originally made in Switzerland and found recently on a treasure hunt in New York City.
The decades old vintage ribbon is eclectic, funky and superb quality. There are several different designs ranging from ethnic patterns, bohemian sun and moon designs, geometric motifs, to brightly coloured psychedelia. This is no retro revival; these guitar straps are authentic, radical and come with plenty of creative expression and nostalgia.
To create these classic guitar straps Henry Heller have stitched the vintage jacquard to a soft nylon backing for comfort and strength. They have genuine leather ends and are adjustable to 53” with the tri-glide fitting. These vintage re-issue guitar straps prices range from £16.95 to £24.95.
If you are looking for a completely different look, something with that late 60’s early 70’s vibe, take a look at the Henry Heller Vintage Guitar Straps. They are hippy, punk and avant-garde design on twenty first century straps; they look damn good, feel fine and are reminiscent of the good times. There are limited quantities available: when they are gone, they are gone!
To find out more about the Henry Heller Vintage Guitar straps and other products please go to Be a true part of the retro revival.


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