Jackson Expands Soloist Models, Adds New Rhoads Model


Press Release:  Jackson is pleased to announce an expansion of its Soloist models including a brand new Pro Series SL2M, X Series SL3X and SLXTQ.

The ergonomic Soloist body shape is designed for player comfort and increased balance, eliminating the dreaded “neck dive” that has brought many a headstock to a sad, untimely end.

Jackson Soloist SL3X in Neon PinkJackson Soloist SL3X in Neon Pink

Standing head and shoulders above the rest in? a crowded field of “me too” instruments, the Pro Soloist SL2M is a highly engineered shredding machine. Striking aesthetics, versatile tone and the pinnacle of advanced guitar craftsmanship unite in the SL2M, available in Snow White.

Chosen specifically for their complementary sound, a pair of Seymour Duncan® humbucking pickups drives this guitar’s versatile sound—a TB-6 Distortion bridge pickup and SH-6N neck pickup combine for flexible tone, with plenty of output for crisp cleans and snarling distortion. Master volume and tone controls shape the pickups’ output, which can be further refined ?with the three-position blade pickup switch for a precise voice. Other features include a 12”-16” compound radius maple fingerboard, a recessed Floyd Rose® FRT-O5000 double-locking tremolo bridge and Floyd Rose R3 locking nut.

Jackson has a history of adding striking style to its high performance instruments, and this axe is no exception. The brooding black nickel hardware wears well, refusing to show the rigors of the road it may encounter while the durable gloss finish, maple fingerboard with piranha tooth (small sharkfin) neck inlays, single-ply neck binding and Jackson’s signature pointed 6-In-Line headstock establish this instrument’s unmistakable pedigree.  The Pro Soloist SL2M is the ideal instrument for soaring leads, squealing pinch harmonics and chunky palm-muted riffage.

The X Series Soloist SL3X is a brave new entry into the world of high-tech guitars, melding classic style with modern materials and construction for this precision music machine.

Available in killer finishes — Neon Pink, Metallic Pearl White, Slime Green, Taxi Cab Yellow and Satin Black, features include select power trio of Duncan Designed™ pickups; two high-output HR-101 Hot Rails single-coil pickups in ?the middle and neck positions are matched to a powerful HB-103B humbucking bridge pickup for complementary harmonic response and? highly dynamic responsiveness. Master volume and tone controls, along with a five-way blade switch control the formidable pickups’ output. A stylishly contoured body and pure Jackson neck-through- body construction ensures ergonomic comfort during long sets along with monstrous sustain and smooth playing all the way up to the 24th jumbo fret. Other features include an ultra-fast 12”-16” compound radius rosewood fingerboard, a one piece neck with graphite reinforcement rods, and a recessed Floyd Rose® Special double-locking with a Floyd Rose R3 locking nut.

The Soloist SL3X bears Jackson’s traditional appointments—black hardware, knurled dome control knobs, durable finish that easily shakes off sweat and other grime, pearloid sharkfin fingerboard inlays and the famous Jackson Pointed 6-In-Line headstock.

Expanding Jackson’s tradition of eye-catching and high-powered designs, the X Series Soloist SLXTQ is a pure riffing machine.

Its massively thick sound is powered by a select duo of Duncan Designed™ humbucking pickups—an alnico HB103N neck pickup and hot ceramic HB103B bridge pickup— providing crisp cleans and articulate high-gain distortion with plenty of girth for palm-muted and downtuned riffage. Available in a Natural Quilt finish, the SLXTQ also features graphite-reinforced neck-through construction, a breakneck-fast 12”-16” compound-radius rosewood fingerboard and a TOM style bridge.

Additionally, Jackson is offering several new finishes in 2016 for some of its other popular Soloist models.

The Pro Series Soloist SL2 also now comes in new Satin Red and Metallic Black finishes, while the SL2Q MAH can now be purchased in Trans Root Beer or Trans Blue.

The X Series SLATXMG 3-6 has added a new White Pearl Metallic finish, the SLATTXMG 3-6 added Candy Metallic Blue and Copper Pearl colors, while the SLATTXMGQ 3-6 offers new Trans Red Burst or Burnt Cherry Sunburst finishes.

For the lefties, Jackson added the X Series SLX LH in Satin Black or Trans Black, featuring a basswood body, through-body maple neck and Duncan Designed™ alnico HB102N (neck) and high-output ceramic HB102B (bridge) humbucking pickups, a Floyd Rose® Special double-locking two-point tremolo, 24 jumbo frets and three-way pickup switching.

The Pro Series Rhoads RR3 also marks a new model for Jackson, melding versatile tone with? classic rock style and innovative technology.

Features include a pair of modern Seymour Duncan® pickups—a crisp JB™ TB4 humbucking bridge pickup and a warm ‘59™ SH1N humbucking neck pickup, ultra-fast one-piece maple neck with graphite rods for reinforcement, a 12”-16” compound radius dark rosewood and Floyd Rose® FRT-03000 recessed double-locking tremolo.  Available in an Ivory with Black Pinstripes finish.

For more information and to find a dealer near you, go to www.jacksonguitars.com.

About Jackson: Jackson began back in the late 1970s, when heavy music experienced a flamboyant and virtuosic resurgence in popularity and a small Southern California guitar repair shop became the epicenter of a new level of shred-approved excellence. Ever since then, Jackson guitars have been universally lauded as the metal guitars; the shred machines—highly original high-performance instruments of distinctive style and formidable substance. From metal’s chart-topping peaks to its darkest recesses, for discerning guitarists all over the globe, Jackson is the only way to go.


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