Cakewalk Announces New Gibson Electric Bass Expansion Pack for Rapture Pro and Rapture Session at the 2016 Winter NAMM Show


New expansion pack features meticulous sampling of three iconic Gibson instruments

Cakewalk,  dedicated  to  powerful  and  thoughtfully  designed software  for  modern  musicians,  announces  the  new  Gibson Bass Collection  Expansion  Pack  at the 2016 NAMM Show (Gibson Booth 300B, Level 3). Designed for Cakewalks Rapture Pro and Rapture   Session virtual   instruments   (available   in   VST3/AU/AAX/standalone formats),  and sampled  by  expert  sound  designer  Craig  Anderton, this  collection combines  the  warm,  organic sound of three unique Gibson electric basses. The 28 programs also offer keyswitching to toggle between pick and finger attacks. The Midtown Bass captures the distinctive clarity and depth of this rare semi-hollow body bass, which  is  made  from  routed  solid  woods (rather  than  laminating  woods  around  a  solid  center block).  Its  bright,  punchy  sound  is  ideal  for  pop/rock.  For  warm,  raw power,  the Les  Paul Standard Bass features the classic tonewood combination of a mahogany body for richness with a solid  carved  maple  top  for snap, topped  off  by  Thunderbird  Bass  pickups  with  ceramic magnets  for punch.

Finally,  building  on  one  of  the  most  successful  expansion  packs  ever  for Cakewalk’s Dimension  Pro  synth, the EB  5-String  Bass  2.0,  with  its  eight  unique  pickup combinations, now takes full advantage of Rapture Pro/Session’s advanced features.

For  expressiveness  on  stage  or  in  the  studio,  each  instrument  provides  eight macro  controls: bass  and  treble  tone,  sub-octave,  octave  above  for 8-string effects,  chorusing, touchfiltering, growl  for amp-worthy grit, and two X/Y controls (vibrato modulation and distortion).

The  four-string  basses  include  additional  virtual  notes  to  cover  a  five-string  bass’s  range,  while sampled slides (down and up/down) can add realism. What’s  more,  Rapture  Pro’s synthesis  capabilities  help  emulate  the  sound  of  hitting  strings harder  or  softer.  This  allows  the  feel  and dynamics  of  a  bass,  without  multisampling  (which increases  load  times  and  memory  consumption). The  result  is  a  consistent  bass  sound  that’s optimized for playing from keyboards. For more information, and to hear and see these basses in action, please see the video demo onthe Cakewalk Software YouTube page,


The Gibson Bass Collection Expansion Pack will be available globally through the Cakewalk Store in January of 2016 for $49.95. TheGibson Bass Collection Expansion Pack  also includes Rapture Session — a $30 value with a 4 GB sample library.

Please visit for complete version details, and localized pricing. About Cakewalk, Inc. Cakewalk,  Inc.,  a  Gibson  Brand,  is  the  world’s  leading  developer  of  powerful,  yet  easy-to-use products for music creation and recording. We invite you to learn more about our company and products  by  visiting  Cakewalk  is a  registered  trademark  and  the  Cakewalk logo is a trademark of Cakewalk, Inc.

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