Attention Guitarists: Antelope Audio Announces Collaboration with Overloud Audio Tools at NAMM 2016


Clocking/Conversion Leader and DSP Guitar Processing Software Maker Combine Forces to Redefine Digital Guitar Processing and Capture for the Modern Age 

Clocking and conversion expert Antelope Audio [Booth A 6596] and Italian amplifier simulation software maker Overloud Audio Tools, creator of the TH3 amplifier simulation software, have announced a new partnership at NAMM 2016. The collaboration between the two companies will enable guitarists to maintain their unique tones all the way through the record and capture process through Antelope’s renowned interface technology, while enjoying the unparalleled flexibility of digital guitar processing and amp simulation.

The implications for guitarists performing in live and recording situations are significant:  “More and more, guitarists are appreciating the flexibility of digital signal processing to achieve ‘the perfect tone’ in a variety of performance settings,” says Igor Levin, CEO and Founder of Antelope Audio. “But oftentimes that tone is degraded by the use of inferior recording interfaces and DSP algorithms. Our collaboration with Overloud will introduce new solutions for guitarists that ensure preservation of their authentic tones — and their investment — that carry through the entire recording and playback processes.”

Antelope Audio recently expanded the sonic possibilities for customers craving high quality, customized DSP effects with the launch of its new AuraVerb and other plug-ins — which now ship with Orion32+ and Orion Studio Thunderbolt™ interfaces. These effects leverage Antelope’s proprietary DSP engine and effects algorithms, allowing simultaneous processing of multiple effects with almost no latency. These innovations, which derive from Antelope’s deep product engineering expertise, complement Overloud’s own leadership and innovations in amplifier simulation technology, such as its TH3 amplifier simulation software.

“One of our long-term product goals has been to combine our models into a dedicated hardware interface, so musicians can achieve a superior live and studio experience,” commented Thomas Serafini, Chief Technology Officer of Overloud. “We are excited to partner with Antelope Audio, which is clearly at the fore of audio interface technology. We are confident this partnership will unleash the potential of both companies and allow us to create innovative products for musicians.”


Details on specific product initiatives resulting from the new collaboration will be announced in the coming months.


About Antelope Audio                            
Antelope Audio is a leading manufacturer of high-end professional audio equipment and the pioneer in the adoption of Atomic clock generators.
The company utilizes Igor Levin's more than 20 years’ experience in digital audio to develop professional and consumer high-end products with the signature Antelope Audio sound. The company employs proprietary clocking and jitter management technologies – Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) and oven-controlled crystal oscillator, as well as custom-designed digital and analog circuits to provide both professional audio engineers and music aficionados with unprecedented musicality, sound stage and clarity.
Antelope is the first to design a 1U 32-channel audio interface and a multi-channel portable interface with 12 mic pres. Antelope's breakthrough technologies are offering both studio and live audio engineers great productivity and flexibility.
The company's customers include many Grammy award-winning sound engineers and some of the most renowned recording, mastering and post-production facilities around the globe.

About Overloud

Overloud is an R&D and software company which develops high-end professional audio plug-ins.

Their products are based on its state of the art analog modelling technology, which has been developed and continuously improved in the last 15 years.

Overloud’s flagship, TH3, contains the world largest collection of guitar amp and effects models and employs a proprietary technology which set a reference in the simulation accuracy and realism.

Overloud is the first to create a software reverberation plug-in reproducing the reverb engine of most of famous hardware reverberation units of the ‘80s and ‘90s. It is the creator of the multilayer convolution concept, currently used by many Grammy award-winning sound engineers to create uinque reverbs and ambiences on their mix.




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