With “Ghost Venue” Concert, Bones UK Shines the Spotlight on Shuttered Independent Music Venues


Since late 2020, Bones UK has been on a tour across the pandemic landscape. Supported by Monster Energy, Rosie Bones and Carmen Vandenberg have used the EARTHWALKERS tour to to find COVID-safe ways to perform for fans. They’ve performed from a quarantine bunker, from the middle of a football field (for just one fan), at a drive-in, and when weather and COVID restrictions turned against them — from a safe house in Austin, TX. Along the way, they’ve partnered with organizations to raise money and awareness about mental illness, hunger, and other problems that have become even more prevalent during the COVID crisis.

For their next performance, Bones UK shines the spotlight on another crisis that’s arisen during the pandemic: the shuttering of independent music venues across the country. The duo delivers a full and powerful performance in an empty “Ghost Venue” — symbolic of ALL the venues everywhere that currently sit silent, empty, and dark, with no audiences to fill their seats and no artists to grace their stages.

For the Ghost Venue show, Bones UK partnered with  EARTHWALKERS tour producer and ACES HIGH founder Tamara Deike, the co-author of Bring Music Home, a book that documents 200+ live music venues across 30 American cities.  A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of each book goes to benefit NIVA.

Watch Bones UK’s Ghost Venue performance here.