Upcoming Progressive Rock Guitarist Emma Nobbe Releases First EP ‘Letters From Earth’


Up and coming progressive rock artist, Emma Nobbe is released her first original music EP, Letters From Earth. Emma is a guitarist whose unique style blends 1970s progressive rock and classic rock with modern influences.

When she first began playing guitar, Emma was inspired by Rush’s use of odd time signatures and modes and Iron Maiden and Megadeth’s fast, melodic playing. As her guitar skills developed, she took influence from modern progressive rock bands such as Opeth and Plini while sticking to her classic rock/progressive rock roots.

Her song, ‘Inevitable,’ was released on April 2, 2020 as a single, building excitement for her Letters From Earth EP, which dropped on May 1, 2020.

In Emma’s own words, here is the story behind the EP:

Letters From Earth is a story: a journey of self-discovery, a brave descent into the unknown, and ultimately a story of empowerment.  Letters From Earth, is inspired by bravery. Fear can be debilitating and make us feel powerless, especially when faced with a situation that is out of our control. This project explores what its like to feel powerless, as well as facing your deepest fears, not knowing what the outcome will be. My hope for this project is to relate to people going through similar situations, to help them feel seen and to know that they are not alone in facing what feels impossible.  Letters From Earth is about destroying the lies you’ve been told and showing fear that it doesn’t get to be your master.

During the writing process some people would ask me why the first song has lyrics and the last two are instrumental. I made this creative decision as a part of how I wanted to convey the message behind the EP. This EP is all about inviting the listener into the story.  In my experience, overcoming fears can be a deeply emotional journey, so when I was writing the songs, I knew I wanted the listener to hear and feel the story. Something I like about instrumental music is that it allows the listener to relate their own story to the music. The listener will feel what the artist intended and interpret the meaning from their own experiences, because each person’s journey is unique.

The first track, “Parasomnia,” named after a nightmare disorder, explores what it is like to experience intense, inescapable fear. The lyrics and music were written to evoke the tense feeling that comes over me when I’m feeling anxious or afraid.

The first instrumental track, “Into The Fog” feels hesitant at first and then evokes expectant tension.  This song is about risk taking, and finding the courage to go for it.

The last track, “Inevitable” was written to make the listener feel triumphant and powerful. Inevitable is the resolution to the story, when the protagonist overcomes their fear and gains a sense of empowerment as a result.  Sometimes growth and positive change require risk taking, and risk taking often involves fear, and it is in defeating our fears that we become changed.”



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