Fun & New Today // FLØRE – “Zombie”

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Combining classic pop punk and modern chart sensibilities, FLØRE is sure to provide all the energy you need this Friday with this new cut ‘ZOMBIE’ out via Valeria Music. In a story many can relate to, it was written about those old flames that long died that keep resurfacing, bring back all the wrong energy that saw it all go wrong in the first place.

Give it a watch here;

 Speaking about the song, FLØRE explained “The song is about the on-off relationships you have with past lovers. They keep crawling back to you like mindless Zombies, bringing back to life what was already dead.”

“I think breaking free from those toxic on-and-off relationships is so hard, because somewhere there’s a part of you that still gets excited when someone’s name pops up on your screen months or even years later. Which makes you fall in these memory holes again and you catch yourself wishing one day it would be different and it would work out. But some relationships can’t be killed and instead remain undead forever.”

FLØRE writes songs “to give this weird existence a meaning”. Feeling like an alien for most of her life, she spent her childhood playing guitar, singing and dreaming of the universe. She’s inspired by the darkness of growing up, the beautifully broken and the feeling of what it must be like when life begins. Or what it must be like when it ends. Or what it is at all. She calls herself a moonlover, who expresses the loneliness in her songs, revealing her touching voice telling stories about her own fragileness, devotion for unusual human beings and broken love.

Until now FLØRE has released three EPS,  ‘SUPERBLOOM‘  in 2020,  ‘ROMANIAC‘ in 2021, and ‘RISE OF THE ROMANIAC‘, her third EP in 2022.  Along with support among tastemaker press, FLØRE is part of Spotify’s RADAR program, and has been featured on Playlists like New Music Friday US on top of New Music Friday playlists in 20 other countries, Indie Pop, EQUAL GSA, and many more and decorated the cover of OFF POP when releasing SUPERBLOOM’s lead single “I’m okay, i’m just a little depressed”. Her single ‘Bad Medicine’ went straight to Germany’s Radio Top 200 charts. In 2021 she played her very first global live stream show on Amazon Music Session – watch here. She played her first live show at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg in 2021 and supported rising star Zoe Wees on her headline tour through Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands.

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