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“They’re looking at me so weird—they’re pulling out buttered popcorn to stare at their cell-phones, and I’m left wondering why I’m here,” Kaatii (who uses they/them pronouns) sings earnestly on their latest single, “Superterrestrial Humanoid,” out June 3rd in honor of Pride Month. It’s never easy being 15, but imagine being 15 and non-binary in the heart of Texas and then you’ll begin to understand the kind of strength that Kaatii possesses and the vulnerability that only one who has lived through such experiences could bring to their music. 

Written from the vantage point of an alien dropped into suburbia trying to find their purpose, their place, their home, “Superterrestrial Humanoid” metaphorically mirrors Kaatii’s experience of feeling alienated as a young queer person in a world where everyone sees you as a foreigner in your own backyard.


“When I wrote this song I was feeling especially desperate about not fitting in. Through writing it and since, I’ve discovered more about myself and have been fortunate enough to not only become comfortable in my own identity, but to have found an amazing group of peers and friends that I relate to.”

As of this past fall, Kaatii is now a freshman at the prestigious Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in the guitar program and is beginning to find their people, as well as continue to hone their already burgeoning craft. 

“Coming out as a teenager and finding one’s path in these critical years is hard. Finally feeling welcomed by a community of like-minded individuals and having access to more resources has been essential. Though being openly queer and trans non binary is beyond scary, it’s very liberating at the same time and I want to encourage others to celebrate who they are and what makes them different. Being able to truly express myself in my art throughout this rocky road of self-discovery has been everything.”

At only 15, Kaatii has already been featured on CW33, KXT 91.7 FM, Wish 107.5 LA and a variety of music industry tastemaker publications such as Dallas Observer, Flaunt Magazine, VENTS, PopMatters and Music Connection Magazine. Kaatii’s last four singles have amassed over 600K Spotify streams to date. Each release has been unique to Kaatii’s life story and reflects their ability to constantly evolve both sonically and personally. With a new EP just on the horizon, we can’t wait to see what’s in the stars for this incredible young artist.

In the meantime, Kaatii is thrilled to be performing and participating in Dallas Pride 2022, celebrating a community that’s very close to their heart!  

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