The QUEEN of Pop Cover Songs, Karine Hannah Takes Us On A Reimagined Journey of Iconic Song, “Separate Ways”

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February 11th, 2022 (Nashville, TN): Pop cover queen, Karine Hannah releases a reimagined cover of Journey’s classic song, “Separate Ways” The song is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Click here to listen.

“It’s not easy taking a song from an artist that has one of the greatest voices in pop history. Steve Perry is one of the greatest and I knew that even though I am a female vocalist there still will be comparisons and many opinions. In this particular song, I decided not to steer too far from the original because in my opinion you just don’t tamper with perfection, but I did put what I called the Karine isms into it.” – Karine Hannah

Karine Hannah delivers another unique cover of Journey’s classic “Separate Ways”. Stripping away from the standard eighties flowing synth, driving guitar and drum combo, and Steve Perry’s recognizable tone, you find a new, honest rendition. The simplistic instrumentals of just a piano allow Karine’s smoky power vocals to shine through. Karine expertly navigates from her lower register all the way through her falsetto.

The song’s lyrics of a love lost become more sincere as this ballad is slowed down and given more focus to what Karine is expressing. Her vocals are uplifted even more with soft angelic harmonies that help build the song’s ending. Karine’s interpretation of “Separate Ways” nostalgically reminds us of the deep meaning behind the lyrics of classic rock that are often glossed over in favor of focusing on brilliant musicianship.

“Separate Ways” Credits

Vocals by Karine Hannah
Written by Steve Perry & Jonathan Cain
Produced by Scott Chasolen & Josh Harris
Published by Wixen Music & Hipgnosis Songs Group
Distributed By: Heart Songs Music Group

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