Stephanie Quayle Embraces the Boundless Horizon with Her Latest Single “Wild Frontier”

Photo Credit: Erika Rock
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(March 19, 2021 – Nashville, TN) Big Sky Music Group recording artist, Stephanie Quayle, has released her latest single, “Wild Frontier,” available now wherever you find great music. The track continues the story of Stephanie’s journey through love which began with her latest release earlier this year, “By Heart.” As she continues to evolve both personally and as an artist, she is inviting fans to join her every step of the way with her latest collection of music that tells a story of finding and fighting for love. 

​LISTEN:      “Wild Frontier”

Recorded almost entirely virtually from home with breakout female producer Alex Kline, “Wild Frontier,” was written by a team of powerhouse songwriters – Maren Morris, Shane McAnally, and Ross Copperman. The song explores the vast and limitless connection to those we love and that even through life’s darkest and overwhelming moments, there’s an unwavering anchor there to bring you back home.

“I remember driving down that gravel road for the first time with my whole future on the horizon as the dirt and rocks kicked up behind me,” says Stephanie. “I didn’t know my whole world would change that day as I headed towards my now husband. This song is my life, and Montana is the backdrop to our love story — it has been from the very start.  Wildly, the pens of Maren, Shane and Ross, captured the spirit of what we think is a legendary love. To be with someone and not need to “tame each other”— these words spoke to me.  And I know there are other couples out there that feel this kind of “no fences” love out there too. This song paints that vast picture that you can just get lost in.”

“‘Wild Frontier’ feels like an extension of ‘By Heart.’ So much so that we leaned into visually connecting the songs to tell this story in the artwork too,” shares Stephanie. “I’m definitely more vulnerable than I’ve ever been with this project — even down to making sure we included that very gravel road that led me to love.”

Stay tuned for a third track from Stephanie this Spring which will round out the first chapter of her upcoming music collection where she continues exploring life and love.

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