Rikki Valentina is set to release her EP where she shares her experience of learning and growing from loss and mistakes.

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Los Angeles, CALIF. (August 5, 2021) – America’s sweetheart, Rikki Valentina, is set to
release her EP “Daddy’s Girl”. This heartfelt album is filled with stories of hardships, challenges, and overcoming them. “Daddy’s Girl” is Rikki’s debut EP that shows her versatility as an artist. When listening to her EP you feel like you know Rikki personally, her stories aren’t just hers but everyone who has gone through low points in their lives.

The dream-pop sound created with a ukulele and drums will take you back into a place you thought you would never get back to. From soft tracks with peaceful melodies like “April Fool” to songs like “Dollar $igns” that are upbeat and show her versatility.

“I wanted to write songs that showed who I was before loss and who I am now
and how going through that affects people and the growth that comes with it.

This new perspective on life made me realize that I have the capability to accomplish many things if I put my entire heart and soul into my projects.

As a little girl, I was constantly surrounded by music, thanks to my dad. He was
a drummer in various bands, so he definitely inspired me to be who I am today. I
always had a heart for music (especially growing up on Disney movies), but my
father is truly the main reason for my love of music. My dad recently passed away in December due to a tragic motorcycle accident. He constantly supported and motivated me in my career. As long as I continue to create music I know he will forever live on.”

Rikki Valentina has been featured on a variety of blogs, magazines, and podcasts such as “The Puzzled Society,” Buzz Music Blog, Potted Purple, Hypezine, and Pinestripped Zine. Rikki has also been featured on playlists such as MADA’s Indie Pop, Tunes Go Hard, Crack In The Road, Buzz Music, The Edge Of Indie Poptimism, Punch Block Baby, and Sleepy Wolf. Buzz Music Blog covered an evaluation of her top hit single “April Fool” in 2020, and her overall artistry appearance. This top streamed track progressively became a trend on Tik Tok, in addition to expanding her audience globally.

Rikki Valentina EP “Daddy’s Girl” shows her versatility and proves she is here to stay
and overcome any new challenges her way.

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