Rachel Baiman Pays Tribute to an Unbreakable Sisterly Bond in “When You Bloom (Colorado),” Out Today


The bond between sisters is unlike any other — they can be the worst of enemies, the best of friends, role models, partners in crime and sometimes all of the above. Emerging indie-Americana Rachel Baiman delves into this relationship dynamic with her own sister on “When You Bloom (Colorado),” out today (5.18). Co-written by Baiman with Olivia Hally (Oh Pep!), the song explores how familial relationships change overtime and the pain of missing out on life’s most precious moments.

Listen to “When You Bloom (Colorado),” here:  rachelbaiman.lnk.to/cycles

“This is a song for my little sister,” says Baiman. “We had a tumultuous relationship at times throughout our childhood, but in our adult years we have become extremely close friends. She moved to Nashville a few years back, and I’ve come to rely on her heavily and feel very protective of her. She recently accepted an offer for a PhD program in Boulder, Colorado, and while I’m happy to see her chase her dreams, it also breaks my heart a little bit because I had envisioned being able to see her through so many more phases of her life. It’s a feeling of wanting to be there every step of the way to make sure that she won’t get hurt and knowing that I can’t do that.”

Baiman sat down with NPR affiliate Colorado Matters to discuss the inspiration behind the song, here: cpr.org/show-segment/singer-songwriter-rachel-baiman-brings-her-music-to-colorado

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Her ‘Cycles’ album is out this June 11th via Signature Sounds, and she’ll perform a run of shows with Molly Tuttle this month. For more information, visit rachelbaiman.com.