Producer and songwriter Betty Moon drops new album ‘COSMICOMA’ today


Producer and songwriter Betty Moon releases her tenth studio album, COSMICOMA, today, an eight track album that was written and produced during the pandemic at her Southern California studio with longtime collaborators Justin Smolian and Owen Barry. The new album is a follow-up to her much buzzed and highly praised 2020 release Little Miss Hollywood.


Betty Moon on her focus tracks “My Only One” and “Where My Heart Is”

“’My Only One,’ the first song off my upcoming new album is a mix of pop and dark melodies, with chugging guitars, and a chorus which may resonate with many women… and men for that matter. Infidelity is a great topic to reflect on and poke fun at and I wanted the listener to be able to make it their own. I think you’ll like the quirky sound that has organically developed on it. It’s “always fun” hint, hint. I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed making it.

I wanted to write something a bit more stripped down and rooted with an acoustic. “Where My Heart Is” is one of the closers on COSMICOMA and brings a bit of a ‘piece de resistance’ to an album packed full of energy, memorable guitar riffs, and loaded as usual with Betty Moon attitude. I took things in a bit more of a rock direction on this album so this track tones things down a bit, while also still telling true tales from my life experience.”