Music Premiere: Singer-Songwriter Ryan Brown Releases New Single “After Midnight” to Benefit Charity The Sound Mind Network

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Incredible singer-songwriter Ryan Brown is releasing her newest single “After Midnight” tonight at midnight. You can listen to it a day early, exclusively with Guitar Girl Magazine. The single was originally written by celebrity chef, entrepreneur, musician, actor, and co-founder of charity The Sound Mind Network, Tony Luke, Jr. Ryan Brown then wrote some of her own lyrics and recorded the single to benefit The Sound Mind Network, a charity focused on healing addiction, mental illness, and more through the arts and music. 

Their roster includes impressive acts such as The Bacon Brothers (Kevin and Michael Bacon), Cyndi Lauper, and Wyclef Jean.

You can listen to Ryan Brown’s single “After Midnight” below, and learn more about The Sound Mind Network here.

Ryan Brown’s newest release, titled “After Midnight” was written by Tony Luke Jr. Over the course of the song, the lyrics demonstrate how social media contributes to the growing rates of depression, anxiety, and addiction. 

Ryan Brown begins her ballad with chimes of a keyboard. Each keystroke catches the listeners attention, as if it is an alarm, marking the beginning of her song. The first verse gives the claim that social media is toxic. Claiming that society is far too obsessed with phone screens, that we cannot see the natural beauty to be seen. The second verse depicts a scene of a school shooting and then talks about addiction and domestic violence. Ryan sings in the chorus that she wants to change all of these things. She says that “Change starts with me.” “After Midnight” is all about claiming it is a new day and to seize the opportunity to put change into action. 

After Midnight” discusses an important issue that plagues the youth of today; the threat of social media has grown far beyond our reach, in several regards. From obsessions over followings, to relentless cyber bullying, the issues surrounding social media create a bad influence for the younger generation. Brown and Tony Luke, Jr.’s message seeks to encourage listeners to set aside social media in order to live out their lives more authentically. Brown hopes audience members will take the opportunity to develop more meaningful and fulfilling connections, and to keep the hope, because “After Midnight,” you’ll be alright because a new day has come.

We got to chat with Ryan about her upcoming release and her future plans:

What is the message behind “After Midnight?”

The message behind “After Midnight” is even when you are at your lowest, tomorrow is a new day and you can start again. It tells people not to give up. 

You collaborated with Tony Luke Jr. on this single – why did you choose to record this song and what was the behind-the-scenes process like?

Tony reached out to my team (only my dad at the time, haha) and asked if I could be the voice for this song he wrote. He knows my history with mental illness – as I talk openly about it – and how I am a teen who live in the most depressed generation. I immediately said yes because it is such a powerful song and really puts things into perspective. I connect to the message and wanted to help share it with others. I got to record vocals in Joe Nicolo’s studio, with Tony Luke, Jr. there to guide me through creating his vision, while also helping me expressing my own experiences through singing. 

“After Midnight” is a hauntingly beautiful song – why do you think this song will connect with your audience?

I think everyone will be able to connect to the song because the is something for everyone within the lyrics. From addiction, to school shootings, to generalized depression, etc. 

The Sound Mind Network is all about healing through the arts. What does that look like for you?

Music is my therapy; more specifically creating music. I love being able to turn a bad experience into something beautiful. My favorite part of the process is recording vocals. I get to feel all of those emotions in a safe space, and then be able to let them go.

Who are some of your biggest influences as an artist?

This is my least favorite question I get asked because there are so many people and artists that inspire me. I could go on forever, but one common theme among the artists are musicians who were normal people just like me; Specifically younger women who wrote songs in their bedroom like I do.

What is next for Ryan Brown?

I have multiple original songs set to be released within the next few months!

We are Guitar Girl magazine, do you have a favorite song to play on your guitar? 

There are so many songs I love to play on my guitar, but I think my favorite would have to be “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur. It was the first song I ever learned how to fingerpick and I couldn’t forget it if I tried. There’s something so nostalgic of playing something that you’ve been playing for so long.

At the young age of 17, singer-songwriter Ryan Brown is wise and talented beyond her years. Brown puts her own “authentically herself” spin on pop music, with influences such as starlettes Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo to inspire her. Ryan has created quite the career for herself in such a short time. Her rich vocal, inspirational and thoughtful lyrics, and bright personality take Ryan to the next level.

In 2022, Brown was the National Anthem performer for the Baltimore Ravens pre-season game. 

Growing up in Marlton, NJ, Ryan has worked with unfinished songs of the massively talented late Christina Grimmie. She finds comfort in knowing Christina’s work will live on through her own music. “I am from Marlton, NJ. Not only were most of my songs inspired by people here, but this town connected me to the Grimmie family and gave me the wonderful surreal experience of working with them. I’m very grateful for where I live and have grown up.”

Ryan shares, “My music always comes from a place of sadness because I love to turn something bad into something beautiful. I write my music for me because I know others feel the way I do too. At the core is authenticity.”

Ryan has performed at countless events, including the Sound Mind Network Music Festival featuring superstars Kevin Bacon and Michael Bacon of the Bacon Brothers, Johnny Showcase of America’s Got Talent, viral TikTok musicians Cory Singer and ElectraQueens, and celebrity chef Tony Luke. Jr.

Keep up with Ryan Brown here: INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK / WEBSITE 

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