Music Premiere: Shari Rowe says slow down and live in the moment in new single “Long Hugs”

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Country music artist Shari Rowe uses music to spread the message of love, and her current single, the heartwarming anthem “Long Hugs” premiering today, is all about “slowing down, remembering what’s important, giving and receiving love; truly living in the moment,” says the singer.

“Long Hugs is about slowing down, but it’s also about seizing the day. We’re not guaranteed anything beyond the moment that we’re in, so live in it fully; embrace it, and share it. The world needs that kind of positivity, love, and inspiration.”


Rowe explains, “Long hugs are healing. We hug each other to celebrate, to comfort, and to support. We’ve seen and experienced those “run to each other’ hugs after being in quarantine and we each have special people in mind who we can’t wait to hug again. These times have shown us how much we need human touch and community. This song reminds us to truly take in each moment that we have with one another.”

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On working with Mark Addison and Blue Foley on “Long Hugs,” Rowe shared, “Writing ‘Long Hugs’ with Mark and Blue seemed to flow so naturally. The lyrics are very tender-hearted, and the song has already been a tear-jerker at shows.”

Rowe leaves us with this message: “Love one another. Be kind to one another. Breathe a little deeper. Take a few minutes to slow down. Hug the ones you love- and hold them just a little bit longer.”

Rowe has spent her career traveling worldwide performing at festivals and charitable events and has opened for artists like Wynonna JuddJimmie AllenDiamond Rio, and Aaron Carter. She weaves her love of faith and family into her music, with the message of inspiring and uplifting fans. Rowe serves as a Celebrity Ambassador for the Scott Foundation and the Red Note Foundation, as well as her work with Celebrity Fight Night (alongside Reba McEntire and Barry Manilow).

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