Music Premiere: Lexi Jordan Brings the Nostalgia in New Country Pop Hit “When We Were”


Rising country-pop sensation Lexi Jordan has her talents on full display in her latest single, “When We Were,” written by the dynamic trio of Lexi Jordan, Dariann Leigh, Lyssa Coulter. The track was produced, mixed and mastered by Justin Wantz.

In “When We Were,” Jordan seamlessly blends stylings reminiscent of early 2010s country-pop with moves that would be considered more recent. This auditory direction is clever, as the track’s lyrics look heavily to the past and nostalgia. It’s fitting that the clean country instrumental would fit this theme. 

“Growing up, I was raised on country music. Within the genre, there are a lot of songs about that exact thing. A big one that comes to mind is “Don’t Blink” by Kenny Chesney. My dad always loved that song and the lyrics stuck with me so much. While you’re growing up, it feels like it will never end. Soon enough, you’re wondering where the time went. I remember thinking that would never happen to me. Somehow, I thought school would never end. I always wanted to have a song encompassing the feelings of growing up and looking back. Since I just graduated, it only made sense to put this song out now. I am so excited about my next chapter and moving to Nashville. However, I’ll always hold onto those memories from my hometown and where I came from,” Lexi shares.

You can listen to the track a day early, exclusively with Guitar Girl Mag.

Jordan and her co-writers perfectly capture that feeling of being in a moment, not realizing that present events will in the future become distant, but no less unforgettable, memories. We cherish our youth and the carefree nature afforded by less responsibility and worry. Sometimes you just need to be transported to that past, however briefly, and “When We Were” is a stellar accompaniment for that feeling. 

Lexi Jordan is a rising artist in the New England country-pop music scene. In September 2016, she began her career by conquering her fear of performing at Faneuil Hall in Boston, Massachusetts. This led to a self-revolution far beyond what Jordan ever imagined possible. She continued on to perform at Indian Ranch, “New England’s Home of Country Music,” and The Big E, the sixth largest fair in the nation. In 2017, Jordan accepted Female Vocalist of the Year by NECMO. She was also nominated for five 2020 Worcester Music Awards and accepted the “Best College Act” award.

​Based on her upbringing, she became captivated by country music. To her, it was never about catchy melodies. The meanings behind the lyrics and stories intertwined connected with her unlike anything else. She hopes to inspire others to share their stories and continue reminding them they do not have to be alone. 

Her debut single “Highway” was released to all streaming platforms in August 2021 and later featured on iHeartRadio. The song explains her personal struggle in following her dreams despite the negative opinions of others. Since then, “Blame” was released as a way to tell the story of a previous toxic relationship. She hopes it will help others heal from their personal pain as well. Her move to Nashville is set for this coming fall. Jordan hopes to continue inspiring others to embrace fear and chase something larger. She continues reminding herself, “a dream is only a dream until you find the courage and decide to chase it.”

Fans can connect with Lexi on her Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Website.