Music Premiere: Katie Kuffel releases new single “1999” from forthcoming album ‘Alligator’ due out March 12


Seattle singer-songwriter, Katie Kuffel, is releasing the single “1999” today.  “1999” is off her album, Alligator, due out March 12.  The song casts reflections on parent-child relationships, cracking them apart through a lighthearted melody that dances away from the pains of the past.

Photo by Kendall Rock Photography

Kuffel says of the single, “‘1999’ felt like my opportunity to be the narrator of my own life. It was the song that allowed me to contextualize and reckon with my childhood, to identify patterns in my family, all while still celebrating just… being a kid. I wanted to own the good things I see now looking back as an adult, without shying away from the bad.”


Alligator Track Listing

  1. 1999
  2. Carillon
  3. Love Language
  4. Reminders
  5. Honey
  6. Ships
  7. Passerine
  8. Veil of Isis
  9. Wintertide
  10. Mt. St. Helens

About Katie Kuffel

Kuffel has had a fair bit of classical training, but her real musical education occurred in the opportunity to sit in and play with a plethora of diverse musicians. She’d play the cello and sing with her dad’s group of friends (all drinking beer and playing bluegrass on the porch). She’d sit in and jam with a Gypsy Jazz group at the farmers market. While in Japan and in San Francisco she learned the basics of Koto music. Then there was the Peruvian doomgrass band she played with when she first moved back to Seattle. She accompanied speakers, and slam poets in live, improvised events.

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