Music Premiere: Kate Schutt’s new single “Fight The Good Fight”

Photo by Kisha Bari

Kate Schutt recently announced the upcoming release of her new album Bright Nowhere set to drop on April 30.  Written during a time when Schutt found herself the caregiver for her mother who was diagnosed with cancer, she describes it as an “album of unsparingly honest pop songs that speak to connection, loss, living, and dying.”

We’re proud to premiere one of the tracks from the album, “Fight the Good Fight.”

“Fight the Good Fight” is about letting those that are close to you know that they don’t have to be anyTHING or anyONE other than who they are. They are enough as they are. Right here and right now. They don’t need to put on a happy face, or pretend that the situation they are in is anything other than what it is.

Listen to “Fight the Good Fight” HERE.

Schutt filled us in on the back story for the album in a recent interview.

Kate Schutt was just getting her music career off the ground when she learned that her mother had ovarian cancer. She would become her mom’s primary caregiver for almost five years until she passed away in 2015. During that period, Kate wrote several songs to deal with the roller coaster of emotions she was feeling. What resulted was thirteen songs that would become her new album, Bright Nowhere, set to drop on April 30th, the week before Mother’s Day.

Bright Nowhere album was produced by 6x GRAMMY Award nominee, 2x Emmy Award-winning producer/arranger Rob Mounsey, who calls the album “a work of artistry and humanity, full of thought, humor and heart, and above all deep sincerity.”

Read the entire interview HERE.