Music Premiere: JD Reynolds Releases Raw and Emotional Stripped Down Version of Single “Rebound”

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Australian country singer-songwriter JD Reynolds is releasing her raw and emotional, stripped-down acoustic version of her latest single, “Rebound.” We’re pleased to premiere this instrument-filled upbeat single today where JD is on her way to “find someone new.” The full mix was released earlier this year, but Reynolds felt that the song is so special to her that she shared with us that; “she wanted people to hear the song’s raw emotion. It’s very easy for these very intricate personal moments in a song to get lost in a full mix, you know, the cries of the guitar, the different aspects of the voice… Those tiny little bits of magic can get lost in a full mix.”

“Rebound is a song about being broken, dusting yourself off, and climbing back on the horse!” ~ JD Reynolds

Working with her producer Braddon Williams and musicians Kris Petersen and Greg Agar in the studio, they brought in new instruments to create a whole new sound, including a special vintage banjo belonging to Petersen. He was waiting for a special old-school vintage banjo to arrive from the States. Reynolds said, “We had planned on getting together a couple of weeks earlier to put the banjo parts down for “Rebound,” but [Petersen] said I had to wait because ‘I’m waiting on this old-school vintage hand me down banjo that is on a cargo ship right now being shipped from the US.’ He didn’t trust it to fly.”

“If you really listen to the “Rebound” acoustic mix, that’s what I love about this new mix, you can hear that special sound of that banjo within this song.”

So as you can see, this new release is special to Reynolds. As for the new music, Reynolds tells us she has been busy writing and recording, and the new album is “about 99.9 percent finished, just putting the glitter on top.” So stay tuned!

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