Music Premiere: Hannah Anders will have you kickin’ up your boots with new single “Southern Free”

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Hannah Anders is releasing her new “kickin’ your boots up” country single “Southern Free” tomorrow, but you can listen a day early, exclusively with Guitar Girl Magazine.

You can listen to “Southern Free” here:

Hannah Anders comes in swinging with powerful vocals and a rock-inspired county backing track that carries the song through the end. The song is all about enjoying life, rather than trying to impress the people around her. Anders has a collection of accolades on her resume. She has never been one to shy away from the stage and has performed at CMAFest, Summer Fest, Country Thunder, and more. Since 2022 Hannah has been touring Europe with her Miranda Lambert Tribute Band, Kerosene, sharing her music along the way.  She’s shared the stage with fellow artists like Locash, Billy Currington, and Keith Anderson, but her reach is not exclusive to the U.S. alone. Hannah has been to the UK twice in 2022, selling out shows and entertaining a slew of international fans.

In her own words, Hannah Anders says “I’m a southern girl, born and bred, who found herself living in LA and missing so many of the comforts of ‘home.’ When we sat down to write this song, it began as an anthem not only to the freedom and feeling of southern living, but to the southern free spirit that lives in all of us, no matter where you’re from.”

Tell us more about “Southern Free” – what is the backstory behind the song?

I’m a southern girl, born and bred. Grew up in GA. I moved to Los Angeles for several years and was missing so many of the “comforts” of home. The feeling you have when the lightening bugs are out and the air is warm. The ease of going to a local hang with your friends without any pomp and circumstance. And so I sat down with my friend and guitar player, who was also from the south originally, and I said, “let’s write about that feeling. The juxtaposition between the traffic and the lifestyle here versus at home.” I loved living in LA at the time, it was always very good to me, and so I also didn’t want to alienate anyone who was from a different part of the country or world. I wanted to invite them in, and also preach the message that you can be “Southern Free” and live anywhere. It’s an approach to life. It’s a mentality. Thus…the song was born.

 Who made this single come to life? Any behind the scenes?

It’s impossible for any song to really come to life without a team of talented people behind it. I was so fortunate to have my band and players on this song, and my incredibly talented producer and husband DrFord captaining the ship on the production side of things. It was a really fun experience to bring this one to life and very collaborative.

 We love your Miranda Lambert tribute!  What made you pick Miranda to tribute out of everyone?

Thank you! Well first I absolutely love her. She’s the original sassy country rocker for me and I’ve always been very inspired by her as a writer. The idea to tribute her was kind of born in the aftermath of Covid. We were having a really hard time linking our tour runs together. Things were still very tough for touring bands and venues, and we noticed the tribute bands were having an easier time. The audience is built in, the venues weren’t as nervous to have them in as a result. And so we thought it might be a great way to get our foot in the door not only as a tribute, but as “ourselves” for future shows. It took us out of being another email inquiry in a list of hundreds, and put us directly in front of venues as a trusted tribute option which built the relationship for future options as our original act. Choosing Miranda was the easiest part of the whole creation. It has been a lot of fun as an add on to what we already offer.

What does being from the south mean to you?

It means a celebration of the simple things. It’s a bonfire on a fall night with my cousins, drinking a beer and singing together. It’s a pace of life that’s just a little easier, a little more manageable. It’s an acceptance of people in all walks of life. It’s not having to put on airs for anyone.

I’ve experienced the fast paced craziness of city life and the slower paced quiet of southern country life, and for me, it’s no contest.

 What are two of your favorite car jams right now?

I’m loving Marc Broussard’s grat tracks on his soul album. The whole thing comes out today I think! If you don’t know who he is, run don’t walk.

 If you were to collab with any artist right now who would it be?

Oh my gosh, there are a few. Miranda – obviously. Love Lainey Wilson. Chris Stapleton – what a dream.

 We are Guitar Girl Magazine – do you have a favorite guitar to play?

My good old Fender acoustic. Never lets me down.

 What is some advice you would give a young woman in this music industry?

Be unapologetically who you are in every room, every scenario, and every opportunity. Don’t conform, and don’t be afraid to walk away and say no.


Hannah Anders won the Los Angeles Akademia Award for Best Country/Rock Song with her powerhouse of an anthem, “Turn It Up.” It was later nominated by LOZ Radio for Song Of The Year, and held the number one spot for a month on Australia’s Power FM Station. She was even able to tap into her southern heritage when writing a song for the famous Dodge Ram Truck Company and their “Nashville give-away” campaign.

This new release is just another notch on Hannah’s belt that she is grateful to share with the world. It serves as a reminder of not only where she comes from, but where she has been. It is, above all else, a love letter to the place and the people she can call home.

Keep up with Hannah Anders here: Facebook / Instagram / Website

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